14 awesome ways to love your employer right back

This post is like a sequel to my previous post on 14 simple ways to show your employees you love them. As an employee, when your employer loves you or treats you good then you need to show some love right back. Love needs to be a mutaul thing between the parties involved. You wouldn’t date someone who felt nothing for you or who couldn’t love you back. The same way a relationship fails when there is no more love between both parties. When you have no love for your job or employers, with time you are guaranteed to either leave the job or just be present and unproductive (presenteeism).

As an employee, your employers notice the things you do, the way you carry out your duties, and relate with your coworkers and visitors be it lovingly or grudgingly. They know when you’re faking it and even if they didn’t, the truth is you can’t fake it for long – soon the real you will “shine through”. When I worked in housing /social care, there were things I did which my boss appreciated, I didn’t have to do them but I did because I had a fabulous boss, I felt at peace at work, I loved her and my team and I knew how to get things done to keep the team going. My boss always appreciated me. There were also times I failed to do some things not because I was being bad but because I was ignorant but my boss knew she could count on me and never failed to let me know when my support was needed. She made my job easy so naturally, without any effort, I made hers easy too. 

So from my experience as an employee and as an employer, I have some up with 14 awesome ways to love your employers right back. I call them awesome because it works! Some of these points are things I did in the past (unintentionally) and some I wish my present employees will just do.

  1. Be selfless. To be able to show your employers you love them, you need to have a good heart. What I mean by this is you need to avoid being a me, me, me person. You need to see the good in everyone, not be driven by money and fame or what you stand to gain. Being a selfless employee means you have to think of your employer and coworkers first before yourself. Being selfless will open many doors and bring about opportunities you never imagined could happen to you or even existed. This is the experience I have had and I want to share it with you because it helped me alot when I was an employee. 

  2. Be submissive. See your employer as your lover. This is not for you to turn yourself into a doormat but rather do your job in a manner that pleases your employers. The way you do your job should be done according to what is stipulated in your company policy or handbook – yes the one you read and signed along the dotted lines to show you understood every word and was ready to do as it commanded. Be submissive by doing your job just as they have requested and just as you agreed when you were desperate for the job 😉 . Remember when you got the job, you promised to carry out those tasks for better or worse…..

  3. Be loyal. Even when your employer or manager is not physically present, act like and perform your duties as if you were being watched. Don’t try to strike your own deals with the company’s clients even if you have been approached by the clients. Be bold enough to say no. Think of Joseph in the bible. He had the chance to sleep with his boss’s wife but he chose not to. At the end of the day, he became prime minister and even became his boss’s boss! Speak good of your company no matter how bad things get. Defend their honour when people speak ill of the company. Do you really want to work for a company people regard as trash? You are the company’s ambassador so act in a manner that shows your company in a good light. 

  4. Support them. Your management team and employers are usually under alot of pressure either from their own bosses, to pay your salary or to meet all manner of targets. You have to support them by doing your part and a little extra. Put in extra effort, go the extra mile, embarass them with all the good you do. Trust me when the time for promotion comes, you will be first in line. Sometimes all you need is a voice to speak to you – their voice could be the one only if you have earned it. 

  5. Show appreciation. Have a thankful heart. Say thank you no matter how small that raise, gift, bonus or promotion was. Showing you are grateful can open more doors for you. Your employer will feel appreciated and will remember you next time an opportunityrears its pretty head. When your employer forgives you or ignores that misconduct, be sure to say thank you and show appreciation in a small way. A thank you card is better than a vocal thank you – it speaks volumes. Anyone can say thank you but not everyone will go to the store to get a card. 

  6. Bring them business. Word of mouth is known to be one of the best ways to get customers. If you truly care about your company and believe in what it does and represents, you will encourage people to use your company’s services or buy its products. Be sure to make them mention they were refered by you. How else will your employer know you’ve been busy trying to help the company make more money? When they know what you’ve done, then you will be in their good books. 

  7. Adhere to the policies. Don’t break the rules. If you are confused about what a clause means, then ask. Work as you are expected to – it shows that you accept and respect their authority.

  8. Be punctual. Always. Try your best to get to work before or on resumption time. Before resumption time is better. This will give you time to settle in, check emails and get ready for the day’s tasks. You will be ready and better equipped to do your job. 

  9. Attend training and apply what you have learnt. What’s the relevance of training if it cannot be applied to eveyday life and work? Attend any training you have been booked on. Whatever you learn when you are sent on training, make sure you use it at work. 

  10. Develop yourself and use your newly acquired skills to better your organisation. Don’t always wait to be trained by the company. If you identify a course you feel is relevant to your role and career growth, then do it. There are many courses you can attend online at very low and affordable prices. Where you cannot afford to pay for a course yourself, speak to your line manager about your company sponsoring you. Many people get trained by their company and run off with the certificate and newly acquired skills to another company. Your employers need to trust you not to act this way. You need to gain your employer’s trust to be able to pull this off. 

  11. Remember company special dates – anniversary, management team birthdays and anniversaries. How do you feel when your partner, husband, wife or loved ones forget your birthday. Even worse when your spouse forgets your wedding anniversary. Don’t you feel elated and loved when they remember all those special dates? Put your employers in your shoes! Show them some love by recognising their special dates. 

  12. Spend your own money. As I mentioned in previous posts, I run my mum’s school. I have however noticed that some of the teachers use their own money to buy gifts they intend to use as rewards when their pupils behave exceptionally well, achieve best pupil in Numeracy or win an award. They also spend their money getting learning materials. I recently found out and asked one of them to fill an expense form to get her money back but she refused and said it wasn’t a big deal. Shocking! It was a big deal for me. She was just a month into the job and she was acting so selflessly. I saw how dedicated she was and all the efforts to made to make sure her pupils came out tops. I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me she was next in line for a coordinator role. When the position became vacant, she was immediately awarded this role and of course it came with an increase in salary and some benefits. 

  13. Be indispensible – but don’t let it get into your head. Do your job in a way that will scare your employers into not wanting to lose you. The fear of your resignation letter should be the beginning of their wisdom. Let them look up to you and depend on you to carry out that task effectively whether you are being supervised or not. Be an expert at what you do but don’t let pride get in the way. When you let your head grow too big, they will begin to resent you and will be happy to train another to take over your post. 

  14. Show them you are dedicated. Don’t change jobs like you are changing diapers. If your CV shows you get a new job every 6 months or so, prospective employers will become weary of you. Long serving staff are well recognised by current and prospective employers. 

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I hope you find these tips helpful. Are there any other ways you show your employers you love them? Are you an employer – are there any other ways your employees have shown you some love? Then please share it by leaving a comment. Don’t forget to share.