3 easy steps to assess your employees training needs

Do you naturally assume your employees need training when they fail to use safe procedures? It is very possible that training might not be the solution. It is also possible that management may need to correct existing hazards by identifying and implementing additional or new control measures. Management may also need to provide adequate resources to work safely and enforce the organization’s safety rules. No amount of training will help if your workers lack support, proper motivation and attention to their job. So how can you be sure if your employees need training or not?

Check out these 3 easy steps to assess your employees training needs:

Step 1: First determine what your current safety performance is. You can do this by checking if your employees demonstrate lack of knowledge and skills to carry out a task. If the answer is yes, then training is needed. If the answer is no, then you have to consider non-training options to solve your safety performance problem.

Step 2: Has the employee carried out the task before? If yes, see step 3. It is important to ensure your employees are trained before any exposure to hazards and retrained when they show inadequate knowledge and skills.

Step 3: How often is the task carried out? If often, you need to observe the employee carrying out this task and provide feedback. If the task is rarely carried out, then it is good to practice. Remember the saying “practice makes perfect”. Well nothing is exactly perfect but it makes you prepared, leaves you with the right skills that will prove useful when you do need to carry out the task. A good example is using a fire extinguisher.

Remember training isn’t always the solution to a problem. Watch out for my next blog on non-training solutions.