3 Wellness Factors that affect Employees’ Productivity

There are some wellness factors that seriously affect employees’ productivity.

Did you know that if our employees’ welfare is not kept at peak level at all times we certainly will not achieve high productivity. An office is more than just a house with chairs, tables and windows. It has to be kept in a near-perfect condition at all times.

At the moment do you like your office? Do you feel you have all the basic amenities you require to become productive?

Before we answer these questions we need to understand the key factors that affect employee’s productivity.

1. Noise

Yes!! No One likes noise, however, we cannot eliminate noise within our workplace. Even at home we have neighbors that like making a whole lot of noise with their stereos, fights and so on.

In my school I am constantly troubled by noise from the children. If it’s not play time then it will be some activities in their classroom – because I now it is necessary noise, I just have to deal with it” – Says Professor Ike

Whether too low or loud noise, it has serious negative impact on employees’ productivity. I cannot function where there is noise. Even to talk on the phone, I have to find a quiet spot if not I will end up screaming to be sure you can hear me. When something disturbs productivity, it could have an adverse effect on not just the workers but also the organisation. Therefore, we should ensure to keep a normal ambient noise at all times to enhance productivity and think innovatively.

So how do we tackle unavoidable noise?

The recognized maximum level noise should be at is 85dB. Anything above this can affect one’s hearing in the long run. Employers need to ensure that they provide a safe environment with a reasonable amount of noise exposure to get the best from their staff and to ensure staff’s health is protected.

2. Temperature

Hmmm. I do not like hot environment so I constantly ensure that my office is cold at all times. But this is a problem for me, because most times before noon I am sleepy. Hahahahaha……

The temperature in any environment have effect not only to our health but also on our mood. Statistics on effect of temperature at work, shows that 44% of employees at work make a lot of mistakes when faced with unsuitable temperature. For instance, when too cold employees is tend to be all dull and lazy and when it is hot, they feel agitated and irritated. So you see, we need to constantly maintain a normal temperature so we can achieve high productivity.

3. Untidy Workspace

Cleanliness is next to Godliness is not joke! An untidy environment has never brought anything good – all you get is chaos, confusion and accidents.

Ever tried searching for something in an untidy environment? Total waste of time! As you end up spending time looking for things would should naturally be able to find easily if you had a tidy, arranged and clean workspace. Aside the time we waste, it also dangerous to our health, untidy environment is a hazard is it can easily result in accidents and near misses (SAFEtimonies is what Professor Ike calls them).

So back to the questions asked earlier – At the moment do you like your office? Do you feel you have all the basic amenities you require to become productive?

Can you think of any more factors that can affect employees’ welfare? Then please leave a comment!