30 Days Writing Challenge! Help!

November the National Novel Writing Month

Apparently, November is the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)! I joined a challenge on Facebook to write everyday and possibly publish it.

Hsewise writing challenge

Blog everyday? I know I can’t blog everyday if not I will give you some sub-standard articles and ruin my pretty reputation. So what I have decided is to write a chapter everyday (this month) for a book I am re-writing. I wrote this book about a year ago but there was just something not right.

It was just a 10,000 words ebook about finding balance with work and life. To me that wasn’t good enough. I wanted it to be different from all those other ebooks out there. All I did in this book was talk and talk till I got to the end. Is all we do work and family? What happened before we started working or having families? Was all good and dandy with us?

So what will be different?

This book is fictional but with a bit of true life characters and experiences – me and my real life friends. Remember the best man movie? The book written by Taye Diggs that made him get the beating of his life? Yes it was. A bit of fiction but he told some truths in there lol. I say no more 😉

Basically, I want every chapter to teach lessons. I want to include worksheets, activities and lessons! So there is much to do! I am not guaranteeing the book will be ready by the end of this month, but at least Ii would have gone very far with it by the time the challenge is over!

I will be keeping an online journal on my personal site but to access this journal, you need to enter a password! I will give this password to just 10 people who will must give me feedback in the comment section. Want to be one of them?

Enter your email address below and I will choose 10 of you at random!

Bisous friends!
Professor Ike out!