5 simple ways to protect yourself from Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos fibres have been clinically proven to cause numerous Asbestos related illnesses, including the fatal Mesothelioma. Because of Asbestos’ unique fire resistant properties, asbestos was used in numerous industries being particularly popular in manufacturing, the military, and construction. Asbestos still poses a threat to the lives of people within these industries and you should know ways to protect yourself from asbestos exposure.

Those that work in industries that still handle or remove asbestos are still at risk from expose to its asbestos fibres and dust. These asbestos fibres, when inhaled, can trigger the lethal lung cancer Mesothelioma. You must ensure that you take the appropriate precautions to protect yourself from asbestos exposure. Even those who do not work directly with asbestos are still at risk, and must make sure that they also avoid contact with asbestos particles, which may still be hidden in buildings or structures that were constructed when asbestos was a popular building material.

Here is 5 simple ways to protect yourself from asbestos exposure:

1. Use Protective Clothing

If you work in an industry that still handles or removes asbestos, you must ensure that you wear protective clothing at all times. This equipment will prevent you from contaminating your clothes andskin with asbestos fibres.

2. Wear a Protective Mask

These masks are extremely important when handling, or evening being near, asbestos. These masks willprevent the inhalation of the lethal asbestos fibres.

3. Remove Protective Clothing When Returning Home

Those that work in an environment contaminated by asbestos must change out of their protective clothing before returning home. This will prevent exposing others to the asbestos dust that remain on the protective equipment. Otherwise family and loved ones risk secondary exposure to asbestos through theparticles that remain on your work clothing, shoes and mask.

4. Keep Away From High Risk Areas

Avoiding places that pose a high risk of asbestos exposure is one of the most effective ways of protecting yourself. These places can include construction sites, shipyards, production facilities and boiler rooms. Avoid these places where possible to prevent coming into contact with asbestos fibres.

5. Enquire Before Buying Or Renovating A Building

Make sure enquire about the use of asbestos containing materials during construction before purchasing, renting or renovating a home or building. It could remain hidden in boilers, pipes, walls and ceilings. During repair or remodeling, these materials could be drilled or disrupted freeing asbestos particles.Removing or repairing these materials increases the risk of asbestos exposure as opposed to jut leaving them in place.

This post was written by Asons Solicitors. If you would like to learn more about Asbestos related illnesses or better understand Mesothelioma, information is available at www.asons.co.uk or via an expert helpline on 01204 521133

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  • Before, I hear much of asbestos, but lately, it has been a hot topic. Asbestos can be a scary thing. Safety is definitely the most important, so I appreciate your tips on ways to stay safe. I think, in addition to these precautions like enquiring before buying that you shared, it’s important to have frequent inspections as well. Thanks for sharing!

  • These are some great tips for staying safe from asbestos. I think your tip about asking if asbestos was used in constructing a building before buying it. That is a good way to tell if you are in danger or not, from asbestos exposure.