7 Really Useful First Aid Posters That You Can Download for FREE

It’s impossible to completely avoid accidents, especially in the workplace. Unfortunately, they can happen to anyone who’s at the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, even the safest and most secure facilities are not exempted from the possibilities of a workplace accident.

While it’s true that some places are clearly more hazardous than others, like a construction site for example, it doesn’t mean that accidents won’t happen inside an office. Accidents can happen anywhere and the only thing we can really do about it is to be prepared at all times. Hence, first aid.

It’s very important to make sure that all workers are aware of first aid procedures. In fact, all employees should be trained on the right first aid response and procedures in emergency situations. They should all know how to deal with the hazards present in their workplace.

One simple way to make sure your staff know about first aid and is having first aid posters around the workplace. Informative posters can guide workers on what they need to do when dealing with an emergency.

First Aid Posters Workplace Can Save Lives

There are so many first aid posters available on the Internet these days, so it’s really easy to find some good ones and put them up everywhere in the workplace. These posters can be effective reminders of the safety precautions to keep in mind to keep the workplace safe for everyone.

First aid posters are not decorations. They are effective visual aids for safety. It is one way of communicating with your employees about the importance of workplace safety without having to call for a meeting or verbally reminding everyone every time.

Where should you put first aid posters?

Make sure that your first aid posters are strategically placed so they can serve their purpose to the fullest. Put them up in places where the employees will really see them, in areas where traffic is heavy, or else, they will be useless. Identify the spots in your workplace where employees pas by the most, where they hang out the most on their breaks, because those are the places where they would have a higher chance of seeing the posters and actually taking time to read them.

The information in poster should also has something to do about where it’s supposed to be placed.
Posters about the first aid response and procedures for fall or crush injuries should be placed in construction areas or near a steep staircase.

First aid posters about slips and spills should be placed in the kitchen, washrooms, or at laboratories and chemical warehouses. Display first aid posters that tackle certain safety hazards in spots where they are most likely to happen.

Do take note that while first aid posters are great tools to educate workers and promote workplace safety, they are not enough to be considered as replacements for actual first aid training.

Employees that work in high-risk work environments such as construction sites should be trained to know how to respond to the safety hazards that come with their jobs. They should know how deal with the emergency incidents that they might encounter.

First Aid posters should only be used for reminding employees of the proper way to respond and deal with such situations.

7 First Aid Posters You Need for your Workplace

The types of emergency situations that can take place in a workplace may vary and for each medical emergency, there is a different type of response and first aid. This is why there are different fair aid posters for each type of emergency situation.

A good first aid poster should have a clear goal and must send a clear message — a message that should be carried by an effective slogan. And since posters are visual aids, they should also some with clear and relevant images.

An effective poster should have a balanced placement of texts and graphics. Fonts should be readable and the images should be visually attractive.

1. First Aid Poster for Burns

Burn injuries can be a risk in some workplaces. Put up a poster that would show workers the right steps to take in case of burn injuries.

Do you need this in your workplace? Download this for free.

2. First Aid Poster for Cuts

Employees who do a lot of manual work are prone to cuts and wounds. Put up this poster to serve as a constant reminder of this effective first aid in case of cuts.

Do you need this in your workplace? Download this for free.

3. First aid guide for Chemical Spills

Hazardous chemicals need to be handled with extreme care. Here is a poster on how to deal with dangerous chemical spills.

Do you need this in your workplace? Download this for free.

4. Health Reminders for Computer Users

Just because you’re not a construction company doesn’t mean you don’t need health reminders in your office. Sitting in front of the computer for extremely long periods of time is also a health hazard. Here is a poster on health reminders for computer users.

Do you need this in your workplace? Download this for free

5. Electrical Shock First Aid Poster

Every workplace uses electricity and that only means there is always a possibility of an electrical shock incident in the workplace. Keep this poster so you know what to do in these emergency situations.

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6. First Aid Posters for Eye Injuries

All human beings use their eyes at work so it doesn’t matter where your workplace is, your eyes are always at risk of injuries. Here is a poster that will guide you in dealing with eye injuries.

Do you need this in your workplace? Download this for free

7. First Aid Guide on Adult Resuscitation

Here is a poster on 7 important steps when performing a life-saving CPR. This poster is best plaed in your office clinic.

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More first aid posters and first aid resources are available in Alsco’s Beginners Guide to Workplace First Aid.

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