An Award for Contribution to Safety in Nigeria

Yesterday 9th September, 2016, I got a huge recognition for my work – a torch bearer award for my contribution to Safety in Nigeria. It was a humbling experience.

Torch bearer award

But how?!

I remember the day I got an email from Safety Records Nigeria telling me I had been nominated for an award for my contribution to Safety. To say the least, I was surprised. Unintentionally and unfortunately I have managed to keep to myself since returning to Nigeria so how on earth were they recognising my work lol. How did they find me?

I shared the news with my family and my sister confessed to have nominated me. She believed I deserved some recognition for all the free Safety advice I give. When I get into Safety mode at home, they mockingly hail me shouting “HSE Pro!”. So they do appreciate my safety OTT behaviour? huh?!

safety award Nigeria

An award? So all my years of “blogging” (as much as I hate that word) have finally gained some recognition? When I started blogging, it was to give more credibility to myself when I started my company in the UK over 4 years ago. Then I continued to “blog” a year after returning to Nigeria.

It was just a hobby plus I really wanted Nigerians to develop a Safety mindset. Happily, I got people contacting me and I ended up consulting for some of them. I also helped a few people giving one-on-one advice – one of them calls me a life coach. Getting those emails asking for advice gives me so much joy and I happily reply!

The People I met

I met fantastic Health and Safety experts including my Twitter friends @safeempire and @onboardsafety4u for the first time. Met the wonderful Mr Dapo Omolade of Hybrid Consulting; Mr Kayode Fowode of Kevron Consulting; the bright and honourable Mr Ehi Iden of O.H.S.M; Tobi Durowoju of Duergo Ltd (the Ergonomics experts) and many other professionals (too many to mention lol).

safety award Nigeria 2016

Me posing with Mr Ehi Iden (right) and Mr Tobi Durowoju (left)

I musn’t fail to mention I met the ex-Director (Mrs Odebunmi Dominga) and present Deputy of the Lagos State Safety Commission (Mrs. Aderonke Odeneye); the CEO/Chairman of Safety Records (Alhaji Alebiosu – a true icon) and the Chief Coorodinatong Officer Mr Femi Dasilva. Was a great honour meeting all this people – most of them, for the first time ever!

We laughed

Comedy was by Seyi Law. He was hilarious especially his jokes about the difference between Nigerian Police Force, Mopo and the Army! Another was the difference between being married in Nigeria (where men rule) and in the UK (where women rule). I nearly wet myself from laughing because although he was “joking” he was telling the bitter truth and adding fun to it! Women rock! The Army rocks even better!

The Award

9ja safe awards

Winning this award has confirmed to me that what I’m doing and have been doing on HSEWise is impacting lives. I remember all those times (past, present and future lol) when I busily tapped away at my keyboard (even when I wasn’t in the mood), trying to fathom out the easiest ways to explain various safety jargons and practises. I also spent time working on my brand myself (to save money) and doing my websites and graphics with the little knowledge I have! In the midst of it, I consult, run a school owned by my mum, have a safe schools project I have been test driving with them and trying to find a balance. It hasn’t been easy.

Blogging isn’t an easy job so I have to say a hug thank you to everyone who has supported me and often rooted for me and begged me for new posts (smiles).

torch bearer award

Thank you to Safety Record for recognising my work and giving me this award. This means so much to me and just gives me to courage to keep pushing.

To all those who aspire to get recognition for their work, no matter how small you think your impact is, I will just say – Don’t Give Up. Someone is watching and appreciates you. At the right time, you will get credit for your work.