The Best is Yet to come (2)

My 100th post which was published about 2 weeks ago, looked at my and HSEWise’s journey so far. I also shared my 10 most viewed posts and my favourite post. Well as we all know life isn’t a bed of roses and things aren’t always perfect so I am happily sharing my least viewed posts in today’s post. This post was supposed to be published a good 10 days ago but I have been mega busy and never found the time to edit and proof read. Ah well.

I will also give you a sneak peek into the plans I have HSEWise. So stayed tuned and don’t forget your cup of tea.

Least read 10 posts!

Why do I have least viewed posts though? Well everyone does unless of course all your posts have equal number of views which is very unlikely. These posts I am about to share are not boring or unread but they have the lowest views becomes someone always comes last. Another reason why they are my least viewed is because all of the posts on this list are relatively new and were only written within the last 1-2months compared to the most viewed which were written a little over a year ago. So let’s get started! Here are the top 10 least viewed posts in ascending order.

6. 1. The Best is Yet to Come – My 100th Post

Ironically, this is the first part of this article. In this article, I tell you how far HSEWise has come, my top 10 most viewed posts, my favourite post and …. Ok go ahead and read it. You should know what people have enjoyed reading most and why “the truth of about your computer keyboard” is my favourite post. Click here to read it.

2. How to manage Stress as a Business owner – The Verdict is in!

I wrote this article in support of this month being the Stress Awareness Month. To write this article, I went on my channel on Disqus to get business owners to share how they manage stress. So in addition to what I do to manage stress, the article gives you insight into what you can possibly do to manage stress as a business owner. It really is informative so happy reading. Read it here.

3. Professional Designations: Why are they important?

As many of you will have noticed, I am a strong advocate of experience over certifications and qualifications any day. These days it has somehow become fashionable to have all manner of professional designations attached to one’s name. I find it totally unnecessary and wonder if many who do this can defend the so called qualifications they seem to accumulate. Read the article and please let me know what you think.

4. 5 Epic reasons why you should Walk to Work

April 1st was declared Walk to Work day but I know it isn’t really possible to walk to work as many drive hours to get to work anyway. But this article tells you why this day is important to the environment and our bodies. I also go on to tell you some really cool ways on how you can achieve this nearly impossible task. Read the full article.

5. Can you be your own Safety Officer?

Yes can you? What kind of Safety Officer are you? If you had the chance would you employ someone with your kind of character, values and qualities? As Safety Officers what is required from us beyond the normal tasks? Care to know? Then please go ahead and read the article and don’t forget to share your thoughts.

6. Employee Wellbeing – an ignored aspect of Safety?

I love this post because it touches an area many Safety professionals and organisations ignore. Writing that post also reminded me of my duty as an employer to my employees as sometimes they really fall short and I am forced to make sure they meet up whether it creates some sort of imbalance in their work and life or not. Here is a the link to the full article.

7. Safety Certifications: what’s the fuss all about?

I keep preaching about how experience is way better than all the certifications we tend to accumulate. In Nigeria, it seems many are obsessed with the desire to accumulate certificates they might never make use of. What is your reason for going on that course? My dream is to one day Lecture at a University so I obtain certificates and qualifications that takes me steps closer to my dream. Ideally, your goal should be similar – getting one step closer to your dream. Read the full article here.

8. Why you should join a Health and Wellness community

So I now own the Health and Wellness channel on Disqus which now has over 28,000 followers and counting. The growth has been like a dream and most times I love the discussions we have on there. Some have resulted in blog post ideas and some have taught me new things. I love being a part of that community and wish you would come along. Read the full article here and join us here.

9. 5 things you need to do to excel in Health and Safety

Health and Safety is a special field and many are worried about falling short or missing it. I wrote this piece to encourage and advice people whether new or old in the field. Everyone needs a little reminder every now and then. Read the article and let me know your thoughts.

10. When hardwork doesn’t pay

Again another post on my falling ill largely due to the fact that I was working too hard and ignoring the obvious signs and symptoms. In this post, I tell you how I overcame my stress induced illness and lessons learned. Read it here, Happy Reading!

What does the future hold?

We are rebranding and wow it hasn’t been easy! One morning I woke up and suddenly hated the thought of being identified as a blogger! Jeez! (Shudders). That word! Editor, Publisher or even Writer just makes me feel a lot better. So for a while now, I have been thinking HSEWise needs to no longer be strictly a blog and definitely needs an upgrade and yes I have finally figured out what it could be! A Magazine. An online Magazine. A Digital Magazine. A Digizine? Lol.

Yes. HSEWise is on the way to becoming an online magazine – name under wraps for now and this process might take months or maybe even years as I am taking it slow and easy with this one to avoid mistakes and more especially since I have much I am involved with already.

That’s all I will say for now but watch out for updates and ….. ?