The Best is yet to come – My 100th Post

Wow. 100 posts in 3 years?! Only 100? Shame! Yes shame. Writing isn’t easy especially when you have many other equally important projects to deal with. Besides, I took a year’s break from blogging oops! writing. So technically, I have only been writing for 2 full years. 100 isn’t good enough but still it is a milestone I must celebrate. See the full list here – it comes with clickable links.

So to celebrate this milestone, I have written this fabulous post telling you the story of HSEWise so far – my top 10 posts (based of views), my favourite post (and why).

In this article I will also be sharing what I have learnt so far and of course I then introduce you to a new and improved HSEWise in the next article.

So yes this is going to be really really long so get yourself your favourite drink and sit back and enjoy the ride.

HSEWise so far!

Many of you know that HSEWise started off as a blog on my ex-company’s website (Tiks Consult). I took a year’s break from the blog and relaunched it as HSEWise in January 2015 – doing same thing but now strictly a blog not a blog on some corporate site. I wanted to make it more personal and less formal. All my old posts came along for the ride.

I added a new section called REDD MONDAYS which hasn’t really been active in recent times due to low response and lack of time (but it has been reviewed and the new REDD MONDAYS will be introduced to you soon). I also added a section called PhotoVoice but I decided not to pursue it further seeing as someone (Safety Photo) was already doing excellently at it. If I do receive photos that show violation of Health and Safety I will gladly publish it so do not be deterred.

So yes I have had many successes with my posts but it hasn’t been an easy journey. HSEWise has tried to stay as informative as possible and recently I decided it needed to get better and no longer be a “hobby”. So I will no longer keep HSEWise as a blog but rather an online magazine. An online magazine which is going to need lots of money to stay alive. More to come on this but first take a look at my top 10 posts chosen by you my readers!


Top 10 posts!

Starting from the most viewed post-

1. Office Romance, Mental Health and Productivity

As the name implies, I wrote this on valentines day 2015 to share my opinion of office romance, giving you great tips on how to manage one and if possible avoid one. I even go ahead to tell you about a UK television series that clearly shows the effect office romance can have on yourself and those around you. Plus it did have a happy ending though. You can read the full post here!

2. Generator – our necessary evil neighbour.

I wrote this when I was still in shock at the level of usage of generators. I had returned from the UK a few months earlier and was instantly faced with never ending power cuts that I am still trying to accept 2 years later. In this post, I talk about the safety risks and even recently designed a simple infographic on Generator Safety Tips to complement it. You can read up and download the infographic here.

3. The truth about your computer keyboard

This post is a summary of my University final year research project. The idea of the project was birthed by one of my lecturers Mr Patrick. The experiments were conducted by myself under his guidance. I took swabs from some of the computer keyboards at my University Library and grew cultures from them. I identified all manner of bacteria many of which I can’t remember what they are bad for lol but please read it here and please leave a comment.

4. Employee Engagement – getting management and staff committed

When I wrote this post, I never imagined it was going the get the kind of attention it received. It was shared and favourited a lot of times on Twitter. The post just gives an insight into what makes management and staff committed to employee engagement – an area I feel is frequently ignored. Read the full article here.

5. Accident prevention: The How and The Why

I remembered a scenario I frequently use when delivering Health and Safety training and that formed the basis for this article which shares why and how you can prevent accidents looking at how they happen in the workplace. Accidents happen primarily because of these 3 main factors – hazardous conditions, unsafe work practices, and ineffective administrative controls. The posts explains what you need to do to prevent them such as training, communication, etc. Read the full article here.

6. Food Safety: the right way to store and reheat food

This post was actually inspired by my frustration at the way food is reheated multiple times in Nigeria largely due to the constant power failure and the need to not waste food or have you food get spoilt. Food microbiology was part of the modules I studied at Uni so the content of this post flowed naturally. I tell you in this post how to store food by type and how to reheat food. Did you know you should only reheat food once? Well find our more by reading the post here.

7. Accident Investigation simplified: 6 easy steps CSI style

So I watch CSI, Criminal minds, NCIS and all crime drama. I also like to watch the real life crime and investigation channels as scary as they sometimes are. So using what I have learned from watching CSI and the basics of workplace accident reporting and investigation to come up with this epic article. Happy reading!

8. Having happy employees is good for business

I never expected this to make the top 10 but here it is. I guess these are the kind of stuff people are more interested in – loving your job and being happy in it! A good recipe for employee wellbeing.

In this short post, I tell you the benefits of having happy employees to businesses. Read it here.

9. COSHH/CLP symbols Demystified

Most of the views on this article, came from google searches. Yes people are looking for COSHH information especially what the new symbols mean! This post tells you what each of the new symbols stand for. They are easy to idnetofy once you get your head around them so stop getting confused and learn them right away. Check it out here.

10. Why using Jargons could be a hazard

This is the newest of this bunch and wow it made it to the top 10! It got lots of views and shares on social media. It was a bit of “the talk of town” for a while too.

Using jargon especially when dealing with learners or clients is a no no for me. When you go all scientific on me using big grammar, I switch off. Apparently many people feel this way. Using jargons is a hazard especially when dealing with non-industry folks. They get the wrong meaning of what you are trying to say and will most likely make mistakes. Keep things short and simple for the good of everyone. Read the article here.

My favourite post!

My favourite? I truly do not have a favourite as I often marvel at even my own content when I read them. If I am forced to choose one though, I will probably go with “The truth about your computer keyboard“. The reason for this is because I conducted this experiments myself and came up with the findings. Knowing that I was involved in something of this magnitude gives me a sense of pride in my work and self and just makes me feel like some super scientist.

When I did this experiment, I never considered the safety aspect of my findings. The only time I considered Health and Safety was when I did a COSHH assessment for all my chemicals and substances and risk assessments for all my processes. Even at that time, I never fully understood the real importance of these assessments until I got into Safety then they made perfect sense. Read the full post here.

Lessons learned so far

So I haven’t come this far without criticism, correction doubt and of course support.

Criticism and Support – Yes I have been criticised a couple of times. Once a lady on twitter didn’t find my post on “Workplace Risk Assessment Demystified” fascinating which I thought was ok. She believed it was just a rehash of the HSE’s risk assessment. I am too educated to know how badly plagiarism is frowned upon and I always give praise whenever praise is due so It didn’t bother me one bit. She wasn’t a writer obviously neither was she anything special so I ignored her. One of my followers (my ex-boss) put her in her place and that gave me some joy lol. I actually wrote that post because that was an area many of my learners struggled with so I thought why not write something for them to keep referring to when they get stuck? It was for a greater good.

A few times I have been corrected on typos which I happily accepted and made changes when I could. But on one occasion, some guy on LinkedIn thought he as doing me a favour by nearly harassing me to change my grammar, telling me Safety was a noble profession. In my mind, I was like what has English got to do with Safety?! If English Language had anything to do with Safety then he needed to find another profession as his grammar was even awful to look at. I saw nothing wrong with my grammar so I kindly replied saying something like “that’s how it’s supposed to be”. Another time, the same guy wanted me to remove a question mark. Errrr duh! The question mark is supposed to be there, needless to say, he never made contact after then.

Doubt – Yes I few times I have doubted my own work. Is it good enough? Will be accepted by all who read it? What if no one bothers to read it? Questions like this usually run through my mind but I quickly shut them down and wait for the arrows and daggers but they never come.

Like when I wrote the post of jargons being a hazards and why I thought Safety certifications were overrated. I grudgingly published them expecting bad reviews but lo and behold, they got lots of views, was shared and favourited on Twitter and liked on Linkedin. Times like this give me the courage to keep pushing on and never doubt myself.

Do you get like this sometimes? Then fear not – don’t let worry come between you and your epicness!

Next week, I will share with you, my least viewed posts and the next stage for HSEWise.

Impressive right? So glad you made it to the end of this post.

Thank you for staying with me on this one.

You absolutely ROCK!