The dangers of raining season!


It’s that time of the year again! A time when we have constant rainfall. Most of us have the luxury to work in the office or stay indoors where we do not mind if it is raining or not. However some workers especially construction workers, oil and gas workers and drivers do not have this luxury. This is why they need to understand safety in raining/ wet season, as the season comes with new set of risks as well as health issues.

The most common hazards that have been identified by health and safety organizations during raining season is slips, trips and falls and this is frequent when working at height such as use of ladders and scaffolds.

Workers should also understand that these hazards are not only visible just during raining season, they also exists in strong wind, storm and muddy environment. Therefore, it is important that workers understand the right work practices needed that will prevent accidents and injuries when working in the rain.

Work with the right equipment

It is important that workers choose the right equipment to work with – this will prevent certain hidden hazards that could result from using the wrong equipment. For instance there are equipment that are designed for outdoor use and can be used to work in the rain. Therefore workers should endeavor to choose such appropriate work equipment.

Wear appropriate rain gear, this will include footwear, raincoats and pants: Just like we wear clothes designed for different occasions; the same is required when it comes with gears for raining seasons. Be sure to wear clothing that fit well; that doesn’t interfere with your movement or can be picked by a moving object. Choose thick clothing that could insulate when cold and also choose footwears with deeps treads to prevent falls or slips.

Work and move cautiously

When it is raining workers are usually in a hurry to get the work done and leave as it is really uncomfortable to work under the rain. However, it is important that workers work carefully and identify activities that are safe to be carried out under the rain. For instance, works that involve work at height or use of ladders should be suspended till after the rain. Although, if the workers wants to carry such task, a proper risk assessment should be carried out before commencing the work.

Ensure adequate vision

Most of the accidents that occur in raining season is as a result of poor visibility. During the Easter break, (Holy Thursday to be precise) there was a heavy downpour in the Enugu. About that time a family traveling on that Enugu/Abakaliki road axis had a serious accident (head collision) that resulted to the death of the driver and the professor on his way back from work. This was as a result of poor visibility. So when we hint that visibility in raining season is a serious problem in workplace, we should take it serious.

The raining season is gradually getting to its peak; workers, travelers and drivers with high prevalence to these hazards associated with rain should ensure to follow the safety precautions and #BeHSEWise.

What do you think? Any more suggestions?