Every business needs to innovate or die

Every business needs to innovate or die. It just make too much sense so HSEWise has changed a tiny little bit!

new hsewise

Yep HSEWise is changing.

A while back, I mentioned I was going to upgrade HSEWise to a online magazine. Well I have had enough time to think and plan and I have decided the magazine isn’t for me.

Over the years, I have gained learners and mentees through this blog and it gives me great joy to reply their emails and offer my support and advice when they need it so why change that?

At the same time, I have decided HSEWise cannot remain in the same spot (if not we become old school and unattractive) so I have made a few new adjustments which I am sharing with you today.

1. I have gone a little bit educational with my posts.

I have been designing some courses and presentation for a training conference I’m speaking at next month. The topic has to do with blogging and teaching and thanks to my research and thinking of ways to wow my audience, an idea hit me so bad!


Yes quizzes. Where applicable, my posts will now have quizzes at the end of them just to keep you entertained and to make sure you get something out of your 5 minutes or more reading each article.

Isn’t that fantastic?!

2. An inspiration corner

I have added an inspiration corner called “Be Inspired!” I have been told I have a way with words so I have decided to bless my readers with my epicness. Here is one right here for ya!


3. Become a contributor

Do you write really good Health and Safety articles but don’t have a blog? You can publish them on HSEWise. All credits will surely go to you! If you are consistent, I will even open your own Author’s page where you can write about you, share links to your social media profiles and have a full list of your posts we publish.

To join, just send a well written draft to info@hsewise.org. It must be original content ooooo. Please make sure you don’t copy from another site and send to me. I have seen some articles on LinkedIn written by Safety pros which was clearly stolen from another safety site/blog without credit given to the original writer/publisher. It will go straight in the bin and I will report you to my whatsapp group so everyone watches out for you. I am not kidding o.

4. Introducing the HSEWise Academy
hsewise academy

Yep I am starting an eAcademy in 2017. It is a membership site with paid and free options. The free options gives you access to some epic resources and webinars while the paid gives you access to resources, webinars and the Safety Newbie to Safety Pro courses as well as other premium courses I will be launching over the next few years.

The site is ready but I am still working on the contents. I have started with:

1. A 6-week course for those who want to blog and provide educational info. This course will teach you everything you need to know about starting a blog and keeping it educational; planning your content and designing ecourses.

2. A 12-week course for those new to Safety. The idea of which came to my beautiful mind out of popular demand for support and help from those who are new to safety or are not getting enough experience. This course is more like a challenge because every week for 12 weeks, my learners will get videos, guides and workbooks to help them complete the task for the week. The task will be a safety process which must be completed either by research or through your daily work activities.

Both courses will be launched in 2017. More details will be shared soon.

Can you help me though? I want to design a course that you will find useful and fall in love with so I have designed a short survey. Interested?



5. Your Coach

I now provide Wellbeing and Safety Career Coaching Services! I have been doing this for a while now but need to make it official and … I won’t say much here as I am sure your eyes must be watery now from all the reading lol. But if you are interested, feel free to send me an email. I’m dying to hear from you!


Professor Ike