Having happy employees is good for your business

In a previous article on happy employees, I defined a happy employee as one who cares about the organisation, its growth, beliefs, visions and loves being a part of it. They see the bigger picture and have a strong desire to work hard and go the extra mile to achieve results. Is this not the dream of every employer to have an employee who genuinely cares and can help move the organisation to the next stage?

Well incase you haven’t had the dream at all, let me tell you what you are missing.

  1. Increased productivity. Hence increased financial gain. Need I say more? 😉

  2. Less sickness absence. No more “pretend” illness. No stress induced illness. Your staff are present and actively carrying out their tasks.

  3. Low staff turnover. Recruitment and training new staff costs money. These funds can be used on a better project. When you have a happy workforce then you don’t have to worry about recuiting new staff to replace old ones. Recruitment should happen more when you are expanding.

  4. Less presenteeism. Who wants unproductice employees? Employees that just turn up and pretend to be at work. Employees like this are bad for business, but this can be changed. Read this article on getting your staff committed.

  5. Less accidents and injuries hence less compensation claims. Without health there is no safety and without safety you have no health. Having a healthy workforce means there are less accidents and injuries (which often result from fatigue). In developed counteud where there is a compensation culture, it means you pay little or nothing out because there no less injuries and therfore reduced number of claims. Infact when it is obvious you take care of your employees and their injuries and accidents are not “your fault”, the chances of you paying out is less.

  6. Reputation – everyone would want to be a part of your team. Good news spreads fast. Bad news even faster. If all the time, all we hear about is injuries and deaths in your workplace, no one will want to be associated with you. You lose business, you lose staff and there is the big risk of you shutting down. The reverse is the case when if your company is mentioned in the papers or in the news, all we hear is “great company to work for”, “xyz offers great benefits to its employees”, “do you know xyz company frequently take their employees on a health retreat?”. Think about this…. yeah! you’re definitely in business!