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The one and only – Professor Ike

Hello. Welcome to HSEWise – a Health and Safety blog dedicated to giving you VIP access to all things Health, Safety, Environmental and Wellbeing.

I’m Ike the Founder & Editor of HSEWise. I like to call myself Professor Ike as I hope to become a Professor someday.

Presently, I am the health and safety advisor of a top London Architecture firm.

I have been writing blogs, articles and fact sheets since 2010 – mainly for my UK ex-company, a London health and safety magazine and this blog.

For years I was involved in safety/management consulting for SMEs and working with schools to create and maintain a safe and healthy learning and work environment through a project I founded called SAFE SCHOOLS.

HSEWise was created out of the apparent lack of Health, Safety, Environmental and Wellbeing awareness and total disregard for safety among Nigerians. This site will highlight these issues as and when they arise, offer advice and give as much information as possible.

I have a Facebook group  where I provide lots of guidance and advice to parenst and educators. Care to join us?

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Thank you for visiting this site and hope you start to contribute soon. Read my disclaimer here.

Professor Ike