Health and Safety training scam in Nigeria

Are you eager to get into Health and Safety or HSE as it is popularly called in Nigeria? Then please read this before taking that step you think is the answer to your prayers. If you have already taken that step then let’s hope you took the right one πŸ˜‰

Now this is going to upset a lot of people and safety businesses in Nigeria but I am not one to see wrong and pretend that it isn’t happening. It seems like Health and Safety is now in vogue in Nigeria and everyone wants a piece of the action. Many Nigerians want to get into Health and Safety and do not know how to go about it so out of their desperation, they are being conned into doing all manner of useless courses. Now take for example the Level 2 Health and Safety course we do in the UK. It is a 1-day course but people are being led to believe this will help them get into a career in safety. Beware people! This is a basic course which most employers provide to their employees basically to create awareness about health and safety at work and to let them know their responsibilities etc. People in love with safety might also complete this 1-day course to gain some knowledge but I doubt any Nigerian will spend over N25,000 on training without hoping to get something in return. I know I won’t.

To the best of my knowledge, Level 2 courses and the likes are in no way designed to kick start your career in safety. Ideally, the least you can and should do to get into Safety is the NEBOSH certificate. Now people believe once they have this, they will get jobs in oil and gas companies. Again, don’t be deceived. The truth is most people who do the NEBOSH will end up not working in Health and Safety not to talk of Oil companies. With the rate of unemployment in Nigeria, many won’t be patient to wait for eternity for that lucky day when Shell, Mobil and the likes employs them πŸ˜‰

I first experienced this scam at the NYSC camp last year when I was approached by all manner of safety companies offering me level 2 and 3 Health and Safety course to start a career in Safety. The shock on their faces when I laughed and told them my career history and how their basic course wasn’t going to add value to my life nor that of anyone else looking to get into Safety. I think I “spoilt market” for them that period πŸ™‚ and more of this scam I have discovered online over time.

Now unto the truth. Health and Safety is not for oil and gas companies only. Every sector and workplace is supposed to have a functional Health and Safety system and maybe a safety representative or officer no matter how small they are. Yes every workplace including that mall, the supermarket up your road, your bank, that barber’s shop, that school, that catering business, that boutique, that…… the list goes on. However, in Nigeria, this is not so. You mostly find safety anything in Multinationals and Oil & Gas companies.

If we truly are serious about Health and Safety as a nation then we need to cut down on the irrelevant courses and exorbitant fees I see many charge to train people to become safety professionals. Infact, I see it as a rip off sorry to say. If everyone tries to earn “footballers salary” from working in Health and Safety then how will we as a nation ensure that every workplace enjoys the benefit of a good Health and Safety system when most obviously can’t afford the fees many of us charge? Safety is a serious profession and we can still make money from it but it has to be done the right way and with a conscience.

Now unto the NEBOSH. Yes training providers can charge the earth if they want to but to deceive people and tell them they must do this before they can apply for a Master’s programme is pushing it. It is pure evil. Money is the name of the game – I can see that but you can still make lots of money charging reasonable fees and not scamming people into doing irrelevant courses or giving wrong advice. Everyone wants to be a millionaire! πŸ˜‰ Easy tigers.

If you have any questions about getting into the Health and Safety profession or what courses you should take, then please get in touch with me for totally free and meaningful advice. Use this link to send your questions. Bisous!