Health and Safety Week at Evergreen School

Wow. This past week has been very interesting and eventful. We celebrated Safety Week at the School I run and also had fun doing it. So what I did was to delegate at the beginning of the term – a week before we resumed. We just ended week 5. I wanted everyone to be involved in the process so I chose a topic for each class to deal with starting with Year 4. I felt this was important due to the fact that there was a case of bullying recently and also because I noticed the boys in the higher classes seemed to fancy the girls a lot! Imagine writing notes for your classmate when yours is still waiting to be done! Or scribbling something like “I’m crushing on you” into the note of the girl you fancy! Men this bunch got me worried and I knew I had to do something!

So here is how I divided the tasks. Each class was to do presentation on a certain topic and everyone had to be involved!

Year 4 – Road safety
Year 5 & 6 – Food Safety
Year 7 – Fire Safety
Year 8 – Bullying and Harassment
Miss Ike (that’s me) – Sexual Health

Evergreen School Safety Week 2016

Not so clear but here is a photo from the Year 7 presentation

Not so clear but here is a photo from the Year 7 presentation

We chose to have Safety week in week 5 of the term from 16th May to 20th May (2016). I was to end the week with an interactive session on Sexual health.

Last year during our Safety week at the school, I spoke to them about Road Safety and even taught them a song. I knew it was going to be easy for the youngest of the group to do their presentation. I was right! They did it so well and even sang the song!

My favourite of the four groups was Year 8. Their talk on Bullying and Harassment was so educative! They talked about the signs, the effects and how to prevent it in schools. Wow. They even made everyone say and sign an Anti-bullying pledge! How clever!

I have decided to go straight into the Sexual Health talk since all the other topics have an article or more on this site. You should check them out.

For Road Safety, check this article and this one out.

For Food Safety, here is an article.

For Fire Safety, here is one on smoke alarms and another on my time teaching children about Fire Safety.

For Bullying and Harassment, here is a guest article. Another coming soon on Bullying in Schools.

For Sexual Health, I have written a seperate article you can read here.

Happy reading!