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I couldn’t resist publishing one more post before saying goodbye to 2015. With this post, I am giving away a free ecourse to trainers out there who want to learn how to create really good lesson plans. Many people tend to train without a lesson plan – I don’t know how that works for you but it certainly doesn’t do it for me. So I have designed a 22-page guide to get you started on lesson plans. You can receive it in your inbox.

So you think you are a good trainer? Maybe not. I received a CV from someone recently who boasted about his training skills but when I asked questions about learning which any good trainer should know the answers to, he was unable to utter a word! I have seen this among many trainers especially in Nigeria. I think many people get into training accidentally or for seeing that the grass is greener for trainers (which isn’t a bad thing but it definitely isn’t as green as people assume). The bad thing is you not trying to gain the necessary skills to excel at the job. So I decided to come up with a training pack I originally intended to use for an event I was planning. I have now decided to make it more interactive and offer it to the public. Not for free of course 😉

Do you want a standing ovation each time you train a group of people? Is that even possible? Yes it is. It has happened to me a few times and believe me I was dumbfounded the first time it happened! Was I really that good? I have a non-British “White African” accent sometimes described as exotic (possibly being deceived by people who claim to love it lol) and I was training real British people with real British accent – did they really enjoy that?! Did I deserve this recognition? Oh yes I did deserve it and you deserve it too. I had just gotten into the training profession and was doing my best to pass on knowledge. What I didn’t realize was that I was doing it well and boy, I wanted to get better.

The first time it happened, I had just finished my second session for the day to a different group of people – by this time I should have been tired but training people really does fire me up. I can go on and on! I got everyone standing and clapping the minute I declared the class over. Shock! Honestly, this was the first time it happened and believe me when I say it surely wasn’t the last. Of course I don’t get a standing ovation each time I train people but I do get fantastic feedback time and time again. Many walk up to me and wonder how I made the session so much fun. Some ask how I got my confidence and some hope they can be like me! You want some of what I’ve got? Then watch out for this downloadable course coming out 4th January, 2015 at just $25 (Approximately N5,000).

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Many employees are used to boring training and just attend because their employers “force them to” for the sake of it. Through this course, I want to show you how you can make your trainees fall in love with training. I also want you fall deeply in love with your job as an instructor so that all you want to do is train, train and train. How? Easy tiger – there are some steps we need to take to ensure we get it right! First check out this important story.

When I completed my teacher training course, I felt there were a lot of irrelevant content possibly to make the course look bulky. Many of what I was taught then have proved un-useful today because I find I never use them or refer to them when planning my lessons. The course wasn’t a waste as I learnt a lot from it and through my experience over the years, I have been able to decipher what works and what doesn’t and how to make life easy for myself as a instructor and for my learners. I have cut out a lot of irrelevant bits and will be letting you in on my secrets! Training/teaching is not what it used to be. You cannot walk into a training room and talk, talk, talk and hope your learners understand what you mean and then dish out evaluation/feedback forms. There is a lot to being a seasoned instructor.

So let’s get started!

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Here are some of what you will learn from this this 40-page eCourse titled “The Ultimate Guide to becoming a Skilled Trainer”

  • Course Learning Objectives
  • The art of training adults
  • My top Learning theory/style
  • Lots of details on Lesson Planning and a free template
  • 14 worksheets/activities and a mini-project (feedback will be provided) 😉

Show your interest by subscribing to the list and you will be the first to know when it is launched. Besides I’m giving it as a New Year’s gift to 5 people (for free). Want to know more about this giveaway? Then follow me on Twitter or Facebook  and keep ya eyes open as promos starts January 1st! Yaaasss!

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