Hygiene and Hand-Washing Talk at Pasture Gate Montessori School

In September, I did a promo on my Facebook group giving 3 schools a free Safety workshop. I wrote about the visit to the first school (Tenderfeet International School, Ajah) a couple of weeks back. Unfortunately, the second school ABC Homework Place were unable to decide on dates and are not available till next year so of course, they lost the offer as deadline was set for November.

Yesterday, 24th November, 2016, I went to the final school on my list, Pasture Gate Montessori School (PGMS) to deliver a talk on Hygiene and Hand-washing. Why I chose this topic was because many people including adults lack good hand-washing skills. Some even lack the skill completely – they never wash their hands.

In addition, many do not realise that good hygiene and proper hand-washing helps keep away some illnesses and diseases!

My time at PGMS

On getting to PGMS, I met the bubbly proprietress Mrs Courage Anakweze and a room full of wonderful and intelligent children and teachers.

Professor Ike with the bubbly Mrs Courage Anakweze, Proprietress of Pasture Gate Montessori School

Professor Ike with the bubbly Mrs Courage Anakweze, Proprietress of Pasture Gate Montessori School

For 1 hour we talked about the importance of hygiene and the role of hand-washing in controlling infections. We also learnt a song to help us remember the important steps of hand-washing.

This is what we learnt about the process of hand-washing.

1. Scrub palm to palm

2. Scrub between the fingers

3. Scrub back of hands

4. Scrub around/the base of both thumbs

5. Scrub the back of the fingers

6. Don’t forget to wash the fingernails by closing your fingers and scrubbing them into your palms

7. Wash around the wrist

8. Rinse off with water and dry your hands properly.

Easy right?

Some of the children practised and showed us how to wash hands properly and they did really well. They also learnt some new words like nausea, inhalation, ingestion, hazardous and absorption!

We had a short but wonderful time and took lots of pictures! Happy viewing!








We plan on having this talks in other schools in Lagos. Will be sharing the details as they happen.

Highlights of my day

The children said I didn’t look like a real professor. What does a real professor look like? We asked. A professor wears glasses and a suit. One of the boys used his hands to makes signs of a beard just like Einstein’s. Oh that little guy made me laugh so hard.


***For those who wonder, I am not yet a Professor. Someday. Working towards it. It is a nickname that stuck.

Bisous friends,