In the Spirit of Love & Member Engagement

Many of you probably know I run a school and have been actively involved in School Safety. Let’s just say it has gotten so much into my bones I don’t want to let go largely because of many of the horrible stories I hear and the fight-for-you instincts I have. Well the fight is for children by educating and empowering them. You may also know I have a Facebook Group where I give Child and School Safety advice and tips. Have you joined yet? 🙁

If you haven’t joined then you have been missing a lot. Many people expect me to go all scientific but they fail to realise that Child and School Safety is more than risk assessments and inspections. You all know I am a strong advocate for Wellbeing being a huge part of Safety. So on the group I do talk about Child wellbeing also!

To keep things interesting and educative, Last week I mentioned I had something in store for you guys. Today is the day I share the juicy details with you. Yipee!

Love and member engagement facebook group

We have come up with a schedule to keep things organised on the group and official page and to give our members something to look forward to. I felt that if we had a well written out plan and stuck to it, we would have more engagement and interactions on the group. Starting next week, 21st November, 2016, here is the plan.

Child and school safety group

Every Monday is now #ReddMondays.

We will give you tips to have a stress-free and productive week. You are free to supply your own tips and experiences. Remember I used to have a Redd Mondays secion on this site? Well that’s going to be happening on the group instead.

Every Tuesday is #DIYtuesdays.

We will provide a health,safety and/or wellbeing challenge or task you need to do on your own. I mean the members. It will be a mixed challenge- for children/students and some for teachers, schools and /or parents.

Every Wednesday is #KidsHealthWednesday.

A day to share tips and advice on various child health and child protection issues.

Every Thursday is #FBliveWithIke.

Starting 1st December, I will post a video or be live on the group talking about important child and school safety issues. The first show is on a topic many of us might not be conversant with. Ever heard of a child “falling in love” with their teacher? Well I have and it’s never funny. You don’t want to miss it.

FB live with Ike

Have a crush on my teacher

Every Friday is #QnAFridays.

You can send in questions during the week or on that day. I will either go live (only on the group) to answer them or write a blog post on it or record a podcast or a video answering your many questions. So feel free to ask me anything on Health, Safety and Wellbeing. Too shy to comment here or on the group? Then you can send us an email ( We will keep your identity a secret.

Every Saturday is #SchoolSafetyTidbits.

Advice, information, guides and more on School Safety will be shared.

Every Sunday we take a break and post when we have something to say.

In all of this, we ask for your participation. Share relevant posts and use the right hashtags.

Don’t forget to join us or like our page!