Why you should join a Health & Wellness Community

So a few weeks ago, I joined Disqus since I was forced to use it to leave a comment on a site I visited. I decided to explore it and noticed they have a community thing they call channels. I immediately searched for Health and found the Health and Wellness Community or Channel as they say on Disqus and joined them. I think about a week or 2 into joining, the owner of the channel put it up for adoption. She was looking to give it away. She had gotten so busy and felt she was neglecting the channel. Wait a minute – this channel had about 22,000 followers so I wondered why someone would want to give it away since followership is what everyone on social media craves for these days. As I write this, the channel currently has over 24,800 folllowers and counting.

Well I was interested in the channel so I showed interest even though I believed she would give it to someone else since I had only just joined and there must have been some really active members and oh there were. At the right hand side, there is a corner where you see the top 5 contributors and the mods (moderators). Although you can click the see more button to see the top 10 (see image below).

Health and Wellness community

Even though I showed interest in it, I was skeptical about taking on such work so I asked that she send me an email so I could have her contact and possibly have some private conversations since Disqus currently does not have a messaging system or do they? I think it’s unusual for social networking sites to not have to some sort of messaging system though – Disqus needs to step up their game as there is so much lacking in their system sometimes I wonder who came up with the idea. Their commenting system is possibly the best feature they have – in my opinion of course.

So porcelainlady, the owner of the channel did send me an email. So I replied asking questions about running the channel. Basically, I wanted to know if it was a full time job seeing as I am a very busy person and won’t be able to take on anything that is time consuming. I also wanted to know what her secrets, tips/tricks were for running such a successful channel.

Did she have a checklist she used to keep things running smoothly? What challenges did she face daily with this channel? I had read a comment by someone about the kind of things people put on and the need for serious moderation – so this got me a little worried. I also wanted to know if running the channel had been profitable to her in anyway? I wanted to know this because I have major plans for HSEWise (details under wraps for now) and all I was thinking was I want people to know about the new HSEWise when it launches and owning a group such as this could help.

Porcelainlady replied:

“To be quite honest I had no clue that it would grow as much and as quickly as it did, and for a long time there really wasn’t much to moderate. We had a lot of followers but not many people were posting discussions or commenting on the existing ones. Then, overnight it seems, we started getting multiple discussions a day and a lot more interactions.

I have kind of approached it in a very laid back manner, allowing people to have open conversations and not intervening unless necessary. I feel like health & wellness covers a broad range of issues, some of which are very personal or embarrassing, so I wanted to make sure that everyone felt comfortable in the environment. For the most part, there isn’t much to moderate; I get a few spam posts and comments every now and then, and the occasional abrasive person, but I have found that most of the people who post/comment are very level-headed and respectful.

The comment you read was referring to some posts that have little to no basis in evidence, and advises people to try certain remedies without knowing if said remedies could adversely affect them. Although I am open-minded about natural cures and things like that, there have been times when I feel like people take it a bit too far. At one point I had someone constantly posting about his natural cure of drinking water to rid yourself of any ailment. I agree water is an essential and is wonderful for many things, but it’s hard to believe that it can cure cancer, for example. I also had someone state that he had cancer and went out and touched a tree and was cured. Although fairly harmless, these are the posts that I usually add a disclaimer to.

I currently do not have any moderators, but I know that it wouldn’t be a problem to find some. I will help you find some if you decide to take the channel over, and I will also moderate whenever I can. It can get a bit busy with so many people posting, but I don’t feel like it’s work. I have not made any money from it, either. Of course, I never really looked into making money, so it could be possible.

I hope I’ve answered your questions and I am available if you have any more! I feel like you would be a great fit to take over the channel so I hope you decide to. If not, I totally understand! 🙂 “.

It was great knowing she had total confidence in me taking over the channel so with this reply, I felt ready to take on the task and so I did. She introduced me to the group and I introduced myself too and asked if anyone was interested in becoming a moderator. A lovely man called Merino volunteered. We communicated via email and I felt confident adding him on so I did. I have owned the channel for about a week now and things have been going on really smoothly. Merino has been fantastic and even introduced us to the wonderful world of Ted. We recently banned someone who was becoming a bit of a pain talking about his one cure for all diseases and some unbelievable stuff. Apart from that, everything has gone on smoothly.

Everyday, we discuss different Health and Wellness topics such as weight loss, lifting weights, pregnancy, STIs, Mental Health, and the occasional chats about personal experiences with life and some of the issues raised. We talk about our dogs, holiday homes and work. There is never a dull moment.

Health and wellness community

We now have a Twitter account and are planning to have weekly chats on Disqus. The chats might not work on Disqus though seeing as they don’t do hashtags and we already pretty much discuss different topics everyday. I am still about how to make it work. Fingers crossed. Recently, we discussed about how to manage stress as a business owner – started by me to gather some real life experiences for an upcoming article and if the Walk to Work day was overrated or necessary. We also discussed a very sensitive topic – Do Doctors make mistakes? and many more. Do I really have to spill it all? Why not visit us and see what we are all about?

Will be great to know what you think.