Lekki British School Saga: What would you have done?


A few weeks ago, I shared the sad true life tale of a 3 year old boy found hanged and dead in his school’s toilet. Nobody could tell how this happened. Quickly as with most news, this sad occurrence was quickly forgotten, schools didn’t learn from it – after all it didn’t happen in their school and God forbid, it can never happen to them.

“God forbid, it is not my portion” – the classic Nigerian saying. So whose portion is it? If I may ask.

Couple of weeks after, a top school became a victim of what we call bad reputation – unplanned and unimagined. This is exactly what I tell schools will happen to them if they are not proactive when it comes to safety. The truth is, it can happen in any school at any time. You are just lucky it didn’t happen in your school. One day you will run out of that luck…

So leave Lekki British School alone.

Lekki british school

Before I continue, here is a disclaimer. I don’t know the owner and I don’t have Lekki British School as a client. Although I wish I did😚. Most importantly, I wasn’t paid to write this but the backstabbing and the backlash has been too great so I thought to pen down my thoughts and hope you can agree with me,

Thankfully, we don’t have a murder case on our hands. Everyday I am thankful the boy was caught before he could kill someone. I am most grateful for the children who chose to not turn a blind eye and speak up. They are the heroes.

A 12-year old decided to go into his school laboratory to mix a deadly concoction and his plans thwarted before they could come to pass.

Everyone starts to blame and curse the school. Most people blamed the parents for spoiling their son. Many called the boy evil. I am sure I did when I first heard about it. How can a JS1 student think of such or even carry out such act? Unbelievable right? But I have learnt to accept whatever life throws at me as normal. I have learnt not to ever get surprised by what human beings do. So of course I am not surprised by the reactions of people.

So who do we blame?

Lekki British School?

Hell no! Did they set out to raise monsters? Is their disciplinary approach too posh for comfort? Maybe. Still I say let them be.

No school will go through this and allow themselves be eaten raw. I run a school so I know this very well. The first reaction is to protect yourself. For goodness sake, they are a business. A business started with too much good sweat and blood. A business that wants to thrive and stay alive. So why should they shoot themselves in the foot?

Everyone is angry about what happened and blame the school. They wonder what the school is doing about it. Yes they were probably slow in expelling the boy. No one knows for sure how quickly the boy was expelled.

Truth is, he was a threat. In Safety, when trying to create your control measures, you start with elimination. Elimination is what Lekki British School did. Though probably late.

What people should now be bothered about is “have lessons been truly learned?” “Are they now going to look critically at they safety system?” Everyone has one just that most are -100% compliant. It practically doesn’t exist. Some try. Some rock.

Where is Lekki British School in this? They need to critically look at their procedures and see where they can make improvements. This is where they should actually call me in 😀

Rumour has it that the school tried to cajole the victim into making a false statement. I can’t say for sure that this is correct. I doubt they did that. Still, you never can say what truly transpired.

Does this sad occurence now make Lekki British School a bad school? Hell no! Just be thankful it didn’t happen at yours. Learn from this and embrace safety.

The parents?

They have been described as bad parents, they spoiled their son, aje butter people etc.

I’m not yet a parent but I know parenting is not a walk in the park. I actually dread how it will be. Will my kids listen? Will they bring shame upon themselves and me? Hope they will love studying like me rather than become rappers? Will my sons like everything in skirt? Can’t they just be like mummy and daddy? What will they be like?! These worries fill my soul. I thoroughly dread it because I am scared I won’t rock at parenting.

You think the boy’s parents raised him to poison people and commit crimes? They think they have been doing okay until now when their son showed them that something is wrong somewhere.

Did they insist on the boy having the best grades in school and be rewarded with anything he so desires?

Hey dad, you let me watch all manner of TV programs. I saw a movie the other night of some high school kids. They poisoned their classmate because they were jealous of her. How do you think I came up with that idea?

I use the internet freely mum! No one monitors me or vets the kinds of sites I visit. How do you think I learnt what chemical to mix with what to give me a lethal concoction?

Now that’s more like it. Don’t call the parents names. Put yourself in their painful shoes. They will shout, cry, get angry, threaten and take away all the goodies the boy once enjoyed. Will that work?

The Boy?

I have been saying since this matter became viral, the boy needs counseling and rehabilitation. There is no excuse for what he did as he could have easily become a murderer thanks to jealousy and unhealthy competition he created by himself. But no, he is not a criminal or a murderer. At least not yet. He confessed heavily, didn’t he? And we are all thankful that the girl is alive!

You need to meet a real criminal. If you like question from now till thy kingdom come, he will deny even touching the bottle even if CCTV clearly showed him pouring the acid into the bottle. He will say “it wasn’t me”. A criminal won’t tell you he has had these thoughts for a while and been plotting for months. Why incriminate myself the more?

He confessed and certainly needs help. He should get help. If not, he might just feel isolated, hated and become hardened. His family and the society do not need another menace to society.

He shouldn’t be take to jail. He shouldn’t be beaten nearly to death as one lady commented. If he was your son will you want any of this for him? Will you want the world hating and judging him?

I am glad his name hasn’t been mentioned yet. I hope it stays that way.

Who else?

Should we dare blame the education industry? Good grades. Top positions in class and school. Prizes for the best in class. Crazy exams that have nothing to do with our future goals. Unnecessary subjects. Unhealthy competitions. The list goes on. This is what the education industry seems to look like. The expectations are often too much to bear.

This is what many of our children have to face everyday. Can we just have a system where a child’s strengths and interests are supported and built on? Where even if your daughter comes home to say she wants to become a rapper, you won’t cry and wonder who you offended? Yes, I am talking to myself here. I dread having children who will choose certain careers but I’m learning to just accept that this is not 1980. Children have a mind of their own.

Can we have a world where no one competes to score the highest in an exam they crammed for? Is that possible?

Let’s put blame aside. Let’s raise happy, comfortable and independent children.

Just my thoughts.

What do you think?

Part 2 – Lekki British School Saga: Safety tips for Schools coming soon!

The SAFETY of our children is more important to our FUTURE than anything else – Professor Ike