Lekki flood: How to stay SAFE if it RETURNS

Lekki flood: How to stay SAFE if it RETURNS – which is a huge possibility.

In all honesty, this is the first time I have heard of “flood” in Nigeria. What planet have I been living in?! Flood in quote because of the magnitude of this particular one.

Many have blamed the Eko Atlantic project. Others have blamed developers for cutting corners and building without proper planning. Many have blamed the government for lack of urban planning and their corruption which makes developers do what they please.

I have learnt that investing in property in Lekki when I become rich will be a big mistake. There is no way I can try it after what my precious eyes have seen. So someone cannot enjoy ordinary rainy season? I’m baffled.

In fact I am worried. Worried because of 3 main issues which I consider threats to human health and life.

1. Electrocution

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the pictures was electrocution. If it happens, it will be too catastrophic! My worries were validated when I read a piece by my wonderful colleague Comfort Ekpe. One of the things she warned against was electrocution.

Water and electricity can never be friends. The combination of both is very deadly to the victim and his/her helpers. Need I say more?

2. Urinary Tract Infection

The second scary thing I thought of was urinary tract infection. I have read countless articles over the last few days talk about the risk of infection. They are right!

In Lagos, especially in the poorer areas, people defecate on the road, gutters and their make-shift toilets that lead to our rivers.

Exactly a week ago, heading back from Lekki, I saw a man sit on the bridge just as you leave Third Mainland bridge getting to Adekunle. He was naked from the waste down. He was pooing and it was landing in the waters below! I never saw his poo but whatever hunger I was feeling left me instantly.

Now have you ever wondered where this flood water came from? I heard from victims that the water came from the floors! Not rushing in like in the movies or waves from an ocean, just water coming rising from the floors! Scary!!! This just makes me believe one of the theories I read today which says that the houses in Lekki are built below sea level. Whatever that means!

What’s the big deal? Right?

So imagine this is really water from the ocean. Same ocean where people are excreting into. Excreta aka faeces is filled with bacteria.

This water rose to above waist level. It became a swimming pool for some. Now this can be liked to just swimming in a glorified sewage. This one act can lead to a lifetime of health problems!

Oh yes! I know someone who suffered greatly for walking in dirty water. She was plagued with a vaginal infection that resisted all treatments. For over a year it was one problem to another. Tests, injections, drips, medications, ointments – a vicious cycle of treatments and retreatments that nearly destroyed her sanity.

Do you know that UTIs can lead to fertility issues if not treated well and on time? Avoid this headache and stay away from the flood if it does come back. Was super shocked to see people wading through the flood!

3. It will most likely be back. Prepare for another episode!

It is very likely that it will rain heavily again. It is now quite evident that there will be a repeat of this flood. Are you prepared?

1) Listen to the weather forecast. Before this recent flood, it was forecasted that it will rain for days. If this same news is shared, pack your things and look for friends and relatives to stay with for a few days.

Nobody wants to be trapped at home walking in dirty water that carries potentially harmful organisms and substances so get out before it comes back. Besides, electrocution is very likely and if this happens, it is possible the victim won’t survive it.

2) Store valuables on raised shelfs. My sister’s colleague at work left his laptop on the floor and went to bed. He woke up to find many things floating and his work laptop terribly submerged in water. #lossofvaluableproperty #lossofimportantworkfiles!

3) Caught unexpectedly in the flood? Stay where you are and don’t try to be your “hero” by trying to find your way home or to your destination. My friend says she was miraculously saved from the flood when she attempted to go for a training session she was supposed to facilitate.

How can I be caught unexpectedly? You may ask.

Let me share my experience with you

Years back, I attended a friend’s daughters birthday when I lived in London. I drove there in the morning and everything was fine. Roads were clear. It was winter so of course, we stayed in and had a swell time.

Evening came and it was time to go home. We opened the door and behold snow. Everywhere was full of snow. How did this happen? In just hours, snow had managed to take over the roads.

My 40 minutes’ journey became a 3-hour journey. I had to drive very slowly at around 10 miles. It was a longgggggg journey. I dared not drive at above 10 miles as it can be really dangerous driving or using your brakes on snow.

A few times I saw cars skid off the road! One ran into a pole. I paused and said a little prayer, then continued. It was a nightmare but I got home okay. I regretted the journey. I should have just stayed at my friend’s!

So you see, situation and conditions can change, rather than take the risk to get into the situation, stay back, analyse the situation and wait for help.

4) Move to the mainland 😀. We have enough space and love to share.

A final thought.

Remember to be safe if you find yourself trapped by the flood. Stay away from it and if possible, turn off your main switch. Stay without light for days. I’m sure you will choose darkness over death by electrocution.

What do you think of my thoughts? Please share yours or comment.