How to manage stress as a business owner – The Verdict is in!

In line with this month’s theme Stress Awareness, I provided a resource list containing 9 articles on this site that talks about stress with a couple talking about depression and drugs use due to stress. So in this post, I am going to tell you how I manage stress as a business owner and also give you insight into how others are doing it.

As a business owner and manager, I sometimes struggle to find that balance between work and my personal life. Initially, when I am faced with so much to do in very little time, I would end up taking work home and working into the night. I would sleep for a few hours and get up, ready for a new day. Now things are a lot different. I noticed I had this imbalance more when I started my first business. Now I am a bit settled, I have managed to get things sorted.

Now when I finish work for the day around 6pm, I make sure I leave my laptop in my office at least 95% of the time. I exercise 3 times a week. Weekends are for food, sleep and rest but sometimes church activities take over and I lose the sleep bit but at the end of the day I can say most of the time I have fun in church. Like the concert we had recently – lasted hours but I felt so good afterwards! Then drama rehearsals too can be fun. But generally, I don’t consider them work so in my subconscious I think I am resting and hanging out, not stressed. It helps.

One thing I love to do to relieve stress is to delegate and automate many of my processes which is easy for me to achieve since half of my time is spent online and I have become some kind of internet/ ptech guru? I will talk about this automation thing in my next post which will talk about managing stress as an online entrepreneur. You don’t want to miss it.

When I decided to write this post? I wanted to get the opinions of other business owners. I destress by getting a new dress or shoe, fixing my nails and sleeping undisturbed. When faced with tough situations, I try not to panic but hope for the best and just live life. Sometimes worry creeps in but I quickly brush it aside convincing myself it isnt’t the end of the world anyway. For me these are just the usual stuff and maybe it’s because I really don’t have much to worry about as I know this probably don’t work for others. So I went to my channel on Disqus and asked for the opinion of others.

Stress management business owner

Here are 4 out of the many responses I got.

Peggy Sealfon

Peggy Sealfon, a Personal Development Coach who specializes in overcoming stress and anxiety and has owned a variety of businesses gave the following tips:
1. Be aware of issues and challenges that are causing undue disturbances
2. Give yourself breaks throughout the day to stop and stretch, yawn, walk and interrupt those debilitating patterns.
3. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep at night and make it a priority for your wellbeing and productivity.
Peggy has a free restorative audio you can try at See also our little conversation.

Stress business owners

Awesome Town Vapors

ThatVaporGuy (A Pseudonym) has a Vaping Business called Awesome Town Vapors. Here is what he had to say. He is a bit tough in his approach but I concluded he is the “accept the situation” kind. What struck me was his comment about not being taught about stress in Management school – it was all work and money I guess!

Strss business owner


Merino a moderator on the channel talked about his experience with Leadership and how he managed stress after getting a heart attack. He basically had to cut down on work – went small scale and even chose what work he did and didn’t do. For people like Merino, money isn’t everything. Merino’s style is more of change the situation to manage stress. They are prepared to lose a little to gain more with regards to health and wellness. I like this approach. I am a little like this. If something proves too much for me, I take a break from it or find ways to cut down. I can’t come and kill myself and die away as my sister will say. Check out Merino’s full response in the image below.

Stress business owner

Surjeet Singh

Surjeet Singh had a lot to say about managing stress in business. He talked about rivals and competition causing stress for business owners but suggests not thinking much about it but thinking smart and acting much. Surjeet advices not to try to manage stress but rather remove the things causing your stress and tension. Obviously Surjeet is the “avoid the stressor” kind.

Stress business owner

In conclusion

Obviously, everyone manages stress in different ways but I will say follow the advice of those who have been there and coping fine as well as this epic resource list I created just for you.

Always remember that to deal with stress you either accept the situation, avoid the situation, alter the situation and/or adapt. As I said earlier, learn to delegate and automate your processes. Easier said than done? Give it a try – one step at a time. If you feel overwhelmed, seek help and advice from a counsellor or your Pastor or join my Health and Wellbeing program for employers/employees. Want to know more, contact me via Also watch out for Read my next stress management article targeted at online entrepreneurs.

Are you a business owner? How do you manage stress? Please leave a comment.