Nigeria is there a cure to your problem?

For the last 2 weeks I haven’t been able to write on/for my blog. Now this is nothing to do with a lack of topics or what to write on but largely due to many challenges that I have fought really hard to overcome but couldn’t. The truth is apart from my lack of internet access, I haven’t felt up to the task of writing and researching (even if I could) as there is never power and I am constantly hot and sweaty. How then I can function properly? How can anyone function properly? No wonder people, are so quick to get into fights over little matters. This I have realised is not because they are quick to anger but because they are frustrated. There is so much hurt and anger built up in them that every little problem or confrontation triggers a greater reaction. People have even died over very small matters. 

Here are some of the challenges I am battling with which I know many Nigerians also face. I have not come up with a way to deal with these problems as I am not even sure what to do. It is easy to say “accept it” or “just get on with life” but you need to be in these shoes to know there is no easy way out without help from the government or even DIVINE intervention. 

Problem No. 1
No WiFi. I haven’t had access to WiFi so I haven’t been able to do my research or work on my sites properly. My WiFi box suddenly stopped working over 3 weeks ago. I took it to the technical office of my supplier and was told to return in a week to pick up another as they are out of stock. Lies! I saw new ones displayed in their showglass so why put me on a long thing. 3 weeks later, I still haven’t received my device back. They are still working on it they say. It’s still under warranty but they refuse to give me a new one but I suspect they are trying to repair it. They have been very unprofessional about it, they do not care that I am paying for a service I can’t get and then they keep saying sorry like sorry will solve the problem. I have tried not to get pissed off but my lack of WiFi affects so many things I normally do and it’s beginning to get to me. All I keep thinking is “what exactly am I losing?”

Problem No. 2
Lack of basic necessity of life. Just yesterday at a gathering, I and a group of people talked about the many problems we have in Nigeria and how we were really struggling to cope. The truth is we have had fuel scarcity for well over 2 weeks now possibly 3 weeks. The problem is the marketers. They have out of their greed decided to hold the whole country ransom. Rumor has it that they want money from Jonathan before he hands over to Buhari. Others say the marketers are owed by the government. How true any of this is I shall never know but it is obvious the fuel scarcity is masterminded by some very callous people. The queues at fuel station are endless. The hustle for fuel is unbelievable. Manic! Tomorrow I will be home all day because my car has no fuel left. I have managed to drive it this week without putting on the AC, little wonder it lasted till today.

Problem No. 3
The heat is unbelievable! Now no one is to blame for the weather and what it decides to do to people but it adds to all the madness, chaos and frustration – we never have light/power and of course there is no fuel to power the generator so yes we sleep in unbelievable heat. I wake up so many times during the night to fan myself or take another shower. Sometimes I think I’m gonna run mad from the heat. I sweat in a way I never imagined possible. Do you know what a miserable unrelaxed sleepless night can do to you? That’s a topic for another day. Yet with all this, there are people who do not feel the impact of the fuel scarcity or heat. They live in serviced apartments so they have lights literally 247! They complaineth not!

Now with all this, many have told me it’s normal and that I complain too much. To be honest, I am not used to such things so it really bothers me how the government can leave people to live like animals while they live fancy lives. If people readily accept these ill treatment from the government, will they be willing to work to help eradicate these challenges? If they are seen as normal then why bother to change them?! 

As for me, all I keep hoping for is an end to this madness. The thing is to cope I have had to take a necessary break from so many things including writing and just really try to relax – half the time it doesn’t work. I am also trying to not let the situations around me get to me since there is nothing I can do to change it. Tomorow since I won’t be leaving my home, I have decided to spend alot of my time on me. A pamper day at home I call it.  

Hmmm. Signing off in my usual way – #BeHSEWise