Redd Mondays: Be Ruthless

Ruthless? Yeah. I knew that would get your attention ūüėČ and I really mean it. What being ruthless means to me is to be driven. The Cambridge dictionary defines a driven person as “someone who is so ‚Äčdetermined to ‚Äčachieve something or be ‚Äčsuccessful that all of ‚Äčtheir ‚Äčbehaviour is ‚Äčdirected towards this ‚Äčaim” without sabotaging others (and my own little addition ūüėČ )

Try not to step on any toes but do what it takes to be as efficient as possible. Maybe every time you are asked to perform a task or produce a report, your boss has to make so many corrections or even end up rewriting it themselves? Maybe you know you cannot be relied on to get things moving without your boss intervening or reminding you a gazillion times that a particular task is still waiting to be touched? If this is you, then you are heading for failure. You need to change really fast. Sit down to think deeply about what you can do to change this and improve on your shortcomings. Looks for ways to transform the way you do your work so you can become more productive. Is there anywhere you are lacking? Get trained.

Now training does not always have to be in a classroom. You can learn new things yourself. You can go online and read up lots of articles and study. There are many free courses online. Some sites offer free certified e-courses like Alison, Saylor, Learnthat, LearnersTV and many others. I have used Alison in the past so I can talk about them. Alison offers unbelievably high quality courses for free although you have to pay for the certificates but do you really need the certificate? Remember your goal is to acquire skills and knowledge to give you a competitive edge over others. This is not an advert. I just love to give good advice ūüėČ so please have a look and you will be amazed at how much you can gain from them. There are a few other sites just like ALISON mentioned earlier so feel try to give them all a try.

Another thing you can try apart from educating yourself is to take whatever criticism you receive (however it comes) and just try your best to work on the feedback. Every time you get told off at work, take it as an advice and work on yourself. I have heard of instances where employees go into the bathroom to cry after they have been told off by their bosses. Suck it up folks. If you were doing it right, do you think you will be told off? If you don’t change your ways, I assure you that you will lose that job. I have 1 or 2 employees who I know will be out the door in no time. Sometimes I pray they would just resign rather than draw the team back. I haven’t ended their appointment because I feel nyone can perform better if they put their mind to it. So I talk and talk and talk. I train and train and train. Yet no improvement because they are stuck in their ways and don’t want to change. On the other hand, I have some employees who I never want to receive a resignation letter from – I know they won’t be around forever but I see them as assets to the business. When your employer is waiting for the day he or she never has to see you again it only shows you are no good at your job and despite all their efforts to help you grow, you just refuse to improve. You know when you are failing in your duties so do yourself a favour and be ruthless to yourself. Do whatever it takes for you to improve.

Start your week off by writing down the things you need to achieve. Read this post for inspiration and have a fabulous week.