Redd Mondays: Do Something Creative

Do you often feel like you’re lacking in an area of your life but cannot pin point exactly what it is? Do you feel like you are just stagnant and not adding value to your life, you are not learning new skills or developing mentally? Well here’s a challenge for you. Do Something Creative!

You have a skill, you just don’t know it yet.
I remember when I completed master’s degree, a friend of mine was still struggling to graduate with a first degree not because she didnt have the brain, she just couldn’t afford it. I remember her lamenting one day saying – “babe look at you, you have your masters and you’re already thinking of starting a PhD. You have a good job but look at me I have nothing. I have no skills and no certificates”. I had to be hard on her and told her there wasn’t one person on this earth without a skill but many are laid back and fear taking that bold step. The truth is many don’t realise they have unique skills and need someone else to show them just what they’ve got. This friend of mine had very good interior decorating skills. She could turn any room into heaven. Me on the other hand, had no decorating skills. A step into my flat, you will be convinced an old man resides there. Plain and very simple but hers was very colourful and welcoming.

Don’t follow the crowd.
I convinced this friend to go into interior decorating but she decided to go into events planning. How did that turn out? Not so great. Did she really have the skills and knowledge to go into events planning? When I say be creative, I am not saying you should get into anything that comes to mind or something that seems to be trending. Think deeply about the things you love to do and build on it. Don’t try to do something you have no idea about if not it will flop badly and you won’t feel good about it. Is there something you are interested in but lack the skills to make it happen? Then go on a course. Your interest in this skill will guarantee you success. There was a time in my life when I was so bored and needed to do something to occupy my time and provide me with a new skill. I once had a flair for dressmaking but never pursued it – so this time around, I decided it was time to revisit this passion so I went on various dressmaking course and excelled at it. I started making clothes for myself when I had the time and as gifts to my sisters. I still do some sewing but not commercially, just for myself mostly for the fun of it and because sewing makes me feel real good. A cloth needs amending, I get my sewing machine out and get to work!

The truth is being creative and doing it for money or for fun can improve how you see yourself. It has a direct effect on your self esteem. Being creative makes you think critically and create new things – did you know this helps your mind and brain stay agile?

Improve your mood, self-esteem and be mentally stimulated today and always by being creative. #DoSomethingCreative