Redd Mondays: Everyday can be AWESOME if …

I haven’t written anything in this blog for a while now so please forgive me. I have been so busy and have let busy-ness get the better of me 😉 but watch this space. Good things are on the way!

I met someone recently who had nothing good to say about his life and the way things have turned out. My advice to him after listening to him lament led me to write this post. So hopefully, it helps someone out there. So happy reading!

Can you remember the day you started your awesome new job? The day you met you awesome husband, wife or lover? The day you started the awesome thriving business? Or the day you bought that awesome car you call a machine or your baby?

Remember how you felt knowing that from that day onwards, everyday and everything would be incredibly awesome? You had lots of hope for the future. You had no doubts or fears. Fast forward to today and life just seems like a bore. That job is now more boring than ever. Infact you curse the day you got the job. That person you married is no longer who you thought he/she was. That business is now eating too deep into your finances and you can’t seem to make ends meet – infact you really hate the day that business idea popped into your head. Why on earth did you listen to your guts and take the risk?! Right? Wrong! Now this machine you used to be so in love with has now become a devourer and never seems to leave the mechanic’s – the mechanic calls himself an Auto-Engineer so his bills are getting super ridiculous at the moment. The list is endless. Infact you dread tomorrow because today ended up just was miserable as yesterday. Guess what? You can get those awesome moments back. How?

Here’s how.

Expect and accept change. Your problems started when you let changes in your life change you. You can actually decide to change for the better starting from right now. Change is normal and necessary. Don’t forget that nothing stays new forever. Everything in your life changed and you decided to let it get to you and change you. Even if you were to get everything brand new and awesome today, trust me a few years down the line you would be back to where you are today – everything would still get old. Does that mean you should be unhappy and not feel so awesome anymore?

Do you stop loving your kids or parents because they are growing older and are no longer the way they were a few years ago? No you don’t. Infact your love for them grows more and more with each passing day. Everything new feels awesome when they are new but after a while they become old – accept that and learn to love the things in your life just the way you live the people in it. Look for ways to spice up the things in your life that you love. Put some life into that business – ask for help and support. You CANNOT do it all on your own. If that “machine” is becoming a problem, sell it or turn it into a piece of art you only sit in and admire. Do you really have to drive it around? There is more to life than just driving a fancy car. Get over your fascination with material things

Everyday can be awesome if you accept change!