Redd Mondays: Live in the Present

Do you often get sucked into what has already happened or is about to happen? Why do you worry about the things you cannot change or have control over? Worrying about the past, what people did to you and what you could have done differently about that situation is a recipe for mental health problems. Why not focus your energy on today. Focus on creating a today better than yesterday and take responsibility for eveything you do. Learn from yesterday’s mistakes and move on. Choosing to live in the past or the future robs you of today. The only important moment is this present moment. Keep that in mind while we explore these 5 easy ways to start living in the present:

  1. Forgive. When you have been deeply hurt, it really is hard to let go and move on. But if you are true to yourself you will see that unforgiveness doesn’t make the pain go away. Infact it is a constant reminder of that hurt that robs you of happiness and peace. You find that you are constantly angry and bitter when your offender’s name is mentioned or even at the sight of your offender. Take it one day at a time – learn to let go. Is there anything that constantly reminds you of the hurt, then remove it. Remove all reminders of the past if they cause you pain and discomfort.

  2. Smile. Each new day presents lots of possibilities! Start your day with a smile. Stay positive even when it seems like your day has started off rough. Be optimistic! You never can tell what goody is around the corner. Remember you cannot predict the future so be hopeful.

  3. Love your job. I have written several posts on loving you job and employers. Read this post, this and this. If any of this doesn’t seems to help (you must be a tough one to crack;) ) then how about getting a new job that you actually enjoy.

  4. Dream about the future. Work hard today by setting goals and plans for the future. Working hard is one step towards a better tomorrow. Don’t dream and hope for a miracle. Do all you can to get the future you hope for. Everyone has a hope and a future, so dream right and work hard.

  5. Stop worrying. Everyone is guilty of this. I am. You have a project you are working on and no matter how good things seem to be going, worry often creeps in to remind you that you could fail. How do I fight this? I don’t give up. I might take a break and put it aside but I always remind myself that I will never know the outcome if I didnt try or continue working at it. The truth is tomorrow will always come. That dreaded day will surely come whether I worry about it or not. When I worry what can I possibly accomplish.

Isn’t it better to fail than to never have tried at all. So dear readers, today do not fret, rather live in the present and follow these 5 tips.