Redd Mondays: Redd your life up the SMARTER way

I have been thinking about ways to make my readers happy and feel fulfilled all week. Mondays are the most hated days among many workers that I am acquainted with. It marks the end of their fabulous weekend and the beginning of a possibly stressful week.

So I have created this section called “Redd Mondays” so that you learn to love Mondays and look forward to them. I chose Redd because it sounds like and reminds me of the colour Red which is the colour of energy, passion and action and those words just fit nicely with what Redd Mondays are about. Redd means to tidy up or to put something in order. That is exactly what “Redd Mondays” aims to achieve – by giving you tips every Monday morning which you should hold on to and utilise to ensure you have an orderly, productive and happy week and life to the point where you begin to love and look forward to Mondays.

So the “inaugural” tip is Redd Your Life Up The SMARTER Way! Do you often feel like there is so much to do and fear you will never get to achieve any of them? If the answer is yes then you worry too much. Firstly, forget about yesterday. Worry only about today. Convince yourself that life is too short to worry about the things that have happened or you have missed out on. Now stop blaming yourself. You cannot change the past but you can work at getting a future that you want.

To achieve this, you need some order in your life. Start by writing a to do list – doesn’t matter how short or long just get on with it. Write all the things you need to do, want to do and must do.

*Take a break and use the next 15minutes to work on that list.

Go over that list – are those things really important? Really? Ok then. Pick the 3 most important things on that list and create a plan and timeframe for the top 3. When creating your plan, remember to make them SMARTER that is –

Specific – Be specific in what area you need to work on or improve. What do you need to get this done? What are the benefits of achieving this goal. Make sure you have all you need to help achieve these goals or start working on getting them right away.
Measurable – You need a criteria to follow so you know what progress you have made and decide what more needs to be done. This helps you stay on track.
Achievable – Plan each step wisely and establish a time frame for carrying out those steps. Be honest to yourself by asking “Is it truly achievable?”
Realistic – Be realistic. Make sure you are aware of your strengths and capabilities. Are you WILLING and ABLE to achieve your goals.
Time-based – Realistically time your plans – don’t expect to get pregnant today and have the baby in 3 months – you get my flow? ;). Not timing your plan shows you are not serious about achieving your goals. Not timing your plans will make you procrastinate and be laid back. And of course panic and rush at the last minute.
Enthusiastic – Carry out your plans with positive energy and stay focused. Don’t worry about setbacks or failures along the way. Learn from your mistakes and keep going.
Reward – Reward yourself for every achievement you make no matter how small.

Keeping them SMARTER is the only way you won’t feel stressed and burnt out. Remember to be realistic and set time-frame for each step.

Now put away that list. How do you feel? Do you feel hopeful? I hope you do – that’s the plan. Only revisit the list once you have achieved the top 3. Dream big but don’t overburden yourself with wanting to do it all and have it all – it only amounts to worry which is bad for your health. Live each day as it comes but each day work towards achieving your goals. Whatever the outcome of the day, accept it and look forward to tomorrow.