Redd Mondays: Something to motivate you to keep fit

Do you struggle to keep fit or get any exercise done? Are you eager to stay fit without going to the gym? Do you need something to motivate you to keep fit? Like you, I have been planning on keeping fit for ages but have been procrastinating mainly because as we all know it is difficult to have a serious workout done at home. I don’t have a gym nearby and from experience I know registering with a gym far from home is pointless unless it’s near your workplace then of course you can just stop by. I used to be a gym freak but in the last 2 years I have done very little serious exercise except the occasional jogs and squats. Some days ago, I tried getting into an old pair of jeans. It did fit but it was a little tight so I know I have added a little weight which I feel I must shed.

I do not currently have a gym membership so have been thinking of how I can keep myself motivated. A friend has been tormenting me with all the workouts she does at her gym and yes I can see the results and yes I’m jealous. She told me about an app – 7 minute workout which I quickly installed and have been using to ensure I exercise properly. I have not been paid to write about this app so this is in no way an advert. I am thrilled with it so thought “why keep all the goodies to yourself?” The 7 minute workout has 13 routines and with this you would think 7 minutes might be too short but believe me you won’t have the energy to go beyond the first round if you are a beginner. I do at least 4 rounds of this 7 minute workout (approximately 30 minutes a day) and wow I just love the way it makes me feel. So alive! So free!

Now enough about this app, if you want to know more or if you need something to keep you motivated install this app right now and start living life the way you want 🙂 Please note – you need to ensure you are healthy enough to carry out these exercises. Not sure? Then see your doctor.