Redd Mondays: Take a Chill Pill

I had something else planned for today but had an experience this morning which I thought will be great for sharing.

Today, just as I was about to leave home at about 7:30am (some 3 hours ago), I discovered I had a flat tyre. I was going to drop my little cousin at school and began to think about how I was going to drop her off without her getting late. All of a sudden, my cousin was at mine trying to park his car so he could catch a ride with his colleague. I wasn’t expecting him. He was my saving grace.

Before he came, I was thinking really fast about how I could solve my problem. I have a spare tyre but recently discovered that no one could access it. It is kind of stuck at the booth and mechanics have tried in vain to get it out. So yes I have been driving around with no spare tyre which is very risky For a safety person I shouldn’t but in Nigeria things work very differently and I have been learning to adapt to a dysfunctional system and what’s a girl to do when she has little or no choice? Well the truth is there isn’t a lot one can do to change certain situations so I am learning to always take a chill pill which is what I have been doing up until this morning.

Well I cancelled my appointments and decided to stay home and do the cleaning I couldn’t get to do over the weekend. That was my way of taking my mind off the car for a while and doing something productive. Afterwards, I walked to the mechanics down the road and got one that deals with tyres to solve the problem. The mechanic declared the tyre dead and gone and I had to buy a new tyre. As per the spare tyre, a permanent solution is on the way – definitely sorting that out today by any means possible.

To accept this setbacks and the fact that I had to cancel some important appointments, I had to convince myself that I had a flat tyre for some divine reason. Like I was being protected from something worse. That was my consolation 😉

Why have I gone into all this details? I didn’t realise I took a chill pill when I discovered my flat tyre. l didn’t let the situation get to me. I focused on other things and revisited my problem when I felt up to it. That is my advice for you today. When problems arise, don’t fret. Like I said in my last Redd Mondays post, refuse to be bothered. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away but not letting it get to you and revisiting it when you feel calm and relaxed will help you focus and deal with the matter more efficiently. You might need to ignore the problem for a few hours or days but never let it linger for too long. You will still need to face it anyway. So I say, firstly, “Take a Chill Pill”.