Safe Schools: It starts with the children

Safe Schools. Don’t we all want that?

For the last 2 years, I have been running a school owned by my Mum. Me in my usual fashion have held several classes and talks on Health, Safety & Wellbeing with the pupils in addition to an annual Health and Safety week held in 2015 and 2016.

At first it was just to teach some aspects of their Technology curriculum then later it graduated to us having an annual Health and Safety Week (we have done this in the last 2 years), where we discuss various aspects of Health and Safety allowing the kids to do some research themselves and of course present their findings. One day it dawned on me that children play a bigger role in maintaining a safe and healthy school environment.

For some months now, I have been “playing” with the idea taking it outside our school to other schools and children. We need to teach children about Safety from a young age and have them thinking right when it comes to their and others Safety.

So in the last couple of months, I have been working hard to launch a new program called Safe Schools so that other schools can be involved in what we are doing. Safe Schools is simply a way to introduce Safety in schools starting with the children!

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This initiative is basically to:
1. Teach kids to develop a Safety mindset from childhood
2. Help schools maintain a safe and healthy environment for all

The Kids

Most importantly, we aim to train pupils/students alongside or before/after training the staff.

Yes we are used to training our staff and teachers about Health and Safety but this will be fruitless if the children have zero knowledge about it. Children in schools are more in number, form cliques that are sometimes rebellious, and can be catastrophic if they want to be. We need to groom them and teach them from an early age.

For example, I get super shocked at kids’ lack of road safety knowledge. When I am driving, it is all I see. Children crossing the road without a care in the world and without fear for oncoming vehicles or reversing vehicles! Ah come on!

The plan is to start working with schools so we can educate children about caring for their and others Health, Safety & Wellbeing. But first, we are starting from “home” – Evergreen Royal Private School (owned by my mum and run/managed by me).

Our introductory package for children in Primary 3 and above, is ready and available for use in schools – it includes topics such as First Aid, Fire Safety, Bullying in Schools, Sexual Health, Sexual Abuse, Drugs & Alcohol Abuse and General Health and Safety. At the same time, we are working with our pupils and building a curriculum we can use to teach children from the age of 3 – this should be completed in a year or 2).

The School

For schools, we have
1. An innovative Health & Wellness Program for Schools and their employees.
2. Education Safety Services

Health & Wellness Program

Starting in January 2017, this term-long program is provided in a blended series of online workshops and live sessions. Once a week, we will send a new challenge which learners must complete with evidence. Yes we are not joking – we want to be sure you are staying on track! Our goal is to provide practical tips that will empower employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reach their secret wellness goals! Of what benefit is this to you right?

A healthy workforce is a productive one! Every school owner and manager who cares about their wants their workforce up and doing. We want little of no sickness absence, we want the term’s scheme of work covered as much as possible without the need to cut corners or ignore certain aspects. We want to make major impact in the lives of our students. A sick and unhappy workforce cannot provide all this.

Education Safety Services

We basically provide competent health and safety advice and support schools in creating a safe school environment. We have created a package (training, advisory and consultancy) based on our experience working in the education sector.

Coming soon!

We will be having a workshop in the next few weeks to launch the project and all schools are invited! More to come on this.

You can join our Facebook group for schools, education consultants, safety service providers etc. It is a closed group but just click join and an admin will respond quickly! Here is where you get all the inside gist of what Safe Schools is involved in before and after we launch our website

Are you a school interested in this program? Feel free to contact us via email at

Do you already work in schools and want to collaborate? Send us a message at

Safe Schools is an initiative by Klaeon – a company with the vision of providing Health & Safety services to schools and Safety Professionals