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Permit me to divert from my usual safety posts today.

Do you know I get over 25,000 visits on this blog every month? That’s low because I haven’t given it my 100%.  Still many who even give their blogs their all do not get this many views. I have my secrets! I will share with you how you can learn those secrets in part 2 of this post.

Stats as at today 13th October, 2017


Do you know 70% of those visits are from the US of A?! And lots more from Canada, Germany, France, UK and a small percentage from Nigeria? I have even been getting requests from companies and writers from USA, UK and Australia to publish their articles on this blog! If you scan through, you will observe we have a number of guest posts. You can get here too.

Stats as at today 13th October, 2017


Do you know blogging sets you apart and makes people see you as an authority in your field? Especially if your content is well planned out and loaded? Should I start boasting about all my little achievements and where this blog has taken me to?

I encourage you today to start a safety blog or any kind really. Yes a few others are doing it but they are not you! You are unique. Your experiences are unique. You have something to share with the world. Just start.

Yes you can launch a blog or small website today. All you need to do is follow my advice.

First. Choose between and Say what?! There is a difference? Well yes there is. This is what I am going to dwell in the first part of this article. Then in part 2 below, I will show you how to install your WordPress blog and get started!


The Difference between and is self hosted while is free (well kind of) and hosted by WordPress. The major difference is who hosts your site.

Self hosted means you pay for your hosting via a hosting company like reputable companies such as BlueHost (great for sites in the US and anywhere in the world really) and Vidahost (great for sites in the UK and globally as you can pay in GBP, USD, Euros) or even WhoGoHost for those who want to buy .ng domains or want to pay in Naira. You also have the domain of your dreams like  The good thing is you can buy the .ng and host it elsewhere like I do with This blog and all my sites are hosted by Vidahost! I love them to bits! But many swear their allegiance to Bluehost.

The image below gives an idea of what you shoudl expect to pay if going for your own special domain.

Pricing as at today 13th October, 2017


Hosting prices vary as well as domains. Hosting is usually priced monthly (like the image below) but truth is it is paid for at least yearly under most providers. It is better. Why stress yourself with monthly bills when you can rest easy for a year or even years? Start with the cheapest and upgrade as your blog grows!

When I first started, I started with the cheapest that could host just 1 website. Right now, I have the capacity to host 21 websites!

Pricing as at today 13th October, 2017


Once you pay for hosting with Vidahost or your chosen provider, all you need to do is use their one-click install via cpanel to install for FREE and get creating. I can show you how. is kind of free because you can actually decide to use your own domain name on and and a few other things the free hosting won’t allow you to do unless you pay some money via Premium. At the end of the day, to get what you really want, might turn out way more expensive than the .org.

Joining is quite self explanatory. Hit the get started button, choose your topic and then you get to this page where it tells you to choose between starting a blog, website, portfolio or store. Choose start a blog.


Follow the instructions till you get an actual URL (e.g. and log in to the dashboard.


The free is a good pace to start if you are low on funds and are just getting started but be aware that the free version means you have to have as part of your domain – for example I really do not like this attachment at all and I hope you feel the same way. Branding and the way my brand is perceived matters a lot to me than a few dollars. I advice you get your own domain.


Here is how I can help you!

Recently, I have had lots of enquiries from people wanting to start their own blogs. I am excited about that and have now added blog coaching to the list of services I now provide.

Truth is blogging is not easy. It can be quite overwhelming especially for the absolute beginner that is why I have this one-on-one coaching (limited spaces so I can have time for my other projects) and an online course available from 6th November 2017.  I will be teaching you everything I know, have learned and currently doing to keep my blog alive and growing. From integration with social media, payment and ecommerce platforms to email marketing and a whole lot of stuff.

You don’t want to miss it. See the full list of modules and Register today.


Wow. I hope you enjoyed this post. Any questions? Send them to info(at)hsewise(dot)org.

Remember, you can buy your domains and hosting at any of the following – Bluehost, Vidahost or Whogohost

Peace out!
The Prof has spoken!

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