Stress Awareness – A resource list

It’s Stress Awareness Month

stress awareness

According to the National Calendar Day, April is Stress Awareness month. So this post is dedicated to taking you on a trip round HSEWise. I will be sharing with you the Stress info and help articles on this site and will introduce to you two stress related articles for the month which I am working on and will be published soon!

1. The Job Burnout series

This is a 4-part series soon to be updated and turned into an ebook. Taking my time on that one. Have you ever heard of Job Burnout though? The series tells you what Job Burnout is, the effect it has on businesses and individuals, what you can do to prevent it. The prevention aspect coms in 2 parts – many do not have the choice of leaving a job for another and other can tell their boss to go to **** – whichever your case is, I have a solution for you. So happy reading!

2. Why you need to be stressed about stress

So I wrote this piece to explain how your being stressed affects people around you and why it needs to bother you using an experience in a previous role as an example. The article also expects you to understand when people around you are stressed and not get worked up about it. Like the sound of that? Read the article here,

3. Stress Management: 5 Top Tips

This post was inspired by a talk I gave to a group of working class adults on managing stress and striking a balance between work and life. After the talk, I sat down and wrote this article. Basically I identified 5 ways to manage stress – care to know what they are? Then click this link and get reading.

4. Teachers: 6 ways to cope with the stress of your job

My sister is an English teacher and teaches in one of the international schools in Nigeria. Schools with international standards are clearly more stressful to work in as they have some high standards which every teacher must meet and maintain. I see first hand the toll the job takes on her and how she manages to get on. So I have written this for every teacher and trainer out there. Learn how to cope with that job and posh kids you think are rude. Read the article here.

Stress awareness

5. Depression: key facts

Depression. A topic many do not want to be linked with. Many people are depressed but do not talk about it for fear that they will be looked down on. There really is nothing to be ashamed of. This article shares a real life story just so you know we know it isn’t your fault when you get depressed. Sometimes tragic events or stress could be the cause. Then I also provide ways you can cope with or prevent depression. When it was published it got lots of views and shares but not enough to make it to the top 10. Thankfully, here it is again. I urge you to read this.

6. Drugs – the workplace new high

This is an area I never knew really existed until a friend of mine shared his experience. Don’t get me wrong – I know people take drugs before or during work but never knew management could be involved and even offer them to junior member of staff. Apparently, the stress in the job was so much that many resorted to taking drugs – drugs like cocaine. Shocked? Well read the full article here and don’t forget to leave a comment.

7. Stress? Why it isn’t always to blame for that strange illness

So recently, I had serious oesophageal pain when swallowing and had to undergo all manner of tests. The result? No medical problems. So why this pain though? Many said you are stressed, rest more, blah, blah, blah. I knew it wasn’t stress that was to blame. Well I don’t want to be a kill joy – let me leave you to read the article. Do tell me what you think or share your own story.

8. Dealing with Stress from debts

Are you in debt or know someone who is? Sometimes there really is nothing much you can do to help your situation. Sometimes you feel you must do something to just end the stress your creditors give to you. I wrote this article because a Pharmacist in Nigeria took his own life because he was owing so much money and saw no way out. The article is mainly an encouragement piece – do not be bothered by the debt or creditors and just live each day as it comes. Please read this article and share it.

9. Redd Mondays: Take a Chill pill

Do you get easily worked up when things do not go your way or go out of hand? Then you need to take a chill pill. I wrote this article when a flat tyre seemed to nearly ruin my morning/routine. I didn’t let this one incident give me unnecessary stress – rather I …. I won’t tell you what I did. I want you to read the article. So happy reading.

Stress awareness

Recently Published!

Stress management for Business owners

Business owners and management staff have a tough time trying to keep their businesses afloat. We work all manner of hours – late to bed and early to rise. We worry about taking our businesses to the next step. Every business big or small most likely have worries of paying company’s bills, making loan repayments, salaries and non-paying customers. So how do we ensure we keep our health and sanity in the midst of all this? This post explores some stress management strategies and even gives some hints and tips gathered from my personal experience. Watch out for it! Read it here!

Managing stress as an online entrepreneurs?

Wow this article is becoming one of my favourite as it is not the usual health amd wellbeing tips kin dof article. I go a little techy with it. I basically share tips on how to get your work done with less stress and more time on your hands as an online entrepreneur. Automation is the main secret really. You need to read it to learn more about managing stress if your work or business time is spent mostly online. Check it out right here!

Coming Soon!

Work-Life Balance – an impossibility for online entrepreneurs?

As an online entrepreneur, I find it difficult taking time away from my laptop. Something new always come to mind. I have now learnt to have a note pad with me rather than bring out my iPad to make notes whenever I am away from my desk or out and about – need to give my eyes a break! For beginner online entrepreneurs who does everything themselves, there is usually a strain on relationship with friends and family as there is usually so much to get done in very little time. When I first started, I would go to bed at 3am as I was trying to build my website myself since I couldn’t afford to pay for one. I could go a whole day in my pyjamas just working online – sometimes forgetting to eat. The life of an entrepreneur!

This article will look at ways to maintain a balance between your new found role and your life. How do you separate both of them? How do you gain the balance you once had before the internet took over your life? This and many more we will trash out in this article. So watch out for it over the next few days!

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed touring my site and digging into those stress management articles. Got any questions or suggestions? Then do leave a comment or contact me.

Peace out….