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Last week, I had a 7 days of Stress Awareness and Stress Management on my Facebook group. I dealt mainly with Burnout. I actually have 4 related articles on Burnout that I am currently updating but you can check out part 1 where I used a case study to explain how someone can easily experience burnout. Others will be republished soon watch this space.

To end my the Stress week, I introduced a Stress Management challenge to the group. My reason for starting this challenge? I believe that although may have similar stressors such as money, bills, incompetent employees (yes this is a major stressor) and other everyday stuff, how we handle and deal with them varies. All I need to de-stress is a break from that stressor, some me-time (lots of sleep and maybe a pedicure) and dinner at a fancy restaurant. You have no idea how much good food changes my mood lol.

For others, it could be shopping, taking a pill just to be able to sleep, a holiday to a different country or a resort and ….. You get my drift.

So I thought why not start a program for people to discover for themselves how they can cope and manage stress outside what the textbook says! Not even sure what the answer will be but I am sure you will find all manner of responses if we were to make the feedback public.

Every week starting from 1st November, I will send guides, worksheets and/or videos (if you are good) via email. This is simply to facilitate and provide a way for you to get started and moving on the challenge. The challenge is open to anyone who is interested and of course it is FREE.

To join the “revolution”, simply follow this link

So you think you’re late?

Ok are you seeing this after 1st November, 2016? You can still be a part of it! Just register and you will start right from the beginning – all the challenges will be emailed to you on a weekly basis as if you truly started with us! Why should you miss out? I am nice like that. #bigsmile

Stress Management 4-week Challenge

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So see you guys soon!

Stress management challenge