Top 5 Most Common Hazards on Construction Sites and Safety Tips

Top 5 Most Common Hazards on Construction Sites and Safety Tips

Construction industry is one of major sources of employment. In fact, it is one of the “high demand and high paying” industries all over the world. However, along with every positive side, there are few extremely dangerous hazards which come along with the work at the construction sites.

Construction projects can be very small, like the construction of small part of the apartments, or sometimes a large but either way, hazards and the risks of injury always exists. Therefore, proper planning and precautions play very critical role in safety of workers on the construction sites.

So, before you go ahead and start your work on construction site, here are a few hazards that are usually present at construction sites, and some of the key safety tips for you to avoid these risks.

1. Working on Scaffolding

Scaffolds is one of the most commonly used equipment at the construction sites. Millions of workers use these scaffolding, day and night. The risk of falling from these scaffolds is very high.

Protection Tips

  1. Try not to alter the scaffolding without consulting the manufacturer
  2. Make sure that the scaffolding are fully planked or covered.
  3. Before using, try to replace or repair the damaged parts to avoid the unwanted risks
  4. Provide those working with/on the scaffolds with appropriate training
  5. Don’t use the scaffolding when it is covered with snow or ice or with some slippery materials.
  6. Try not to work on the scaffolds during the high winds or bad weather
  7. Do not use any tool or equipment on the platform, to increase the height of the scaffolding
  8. Don’t overload
  9. Try to set your scaffolding on solid and on sound footing for avoiding accidents

2. Falling from height

Falling from height is the most common, and life threatening accident which is usually occur at the construction sites. There are number of factors that cause falls, like unstable working platform, no proper use of equipment’s or tools or due to the failure of fall protection equipment or might be due to carelessness etc.

Protection Tips

  1. Use proper equipment’s at height
  2. Create a safe platform or use aerial lifts for working at height
  3. Make sure that your install control line system near the edges of the roofs or floors of unfinished levels.
  4. Provide proper training to employees to work on heights

3. Falling Objects:

Another very common hazard observed on site is the falling of the objects. It is more important to take the respective precautions to protecting workers and equipment.

Protection Tips

  1. Ensure all the employees wear their full uniform which includes their hard helmets, safety gloves, their long safety shoes etc, especially while working on the areas where there is a huge risk of falling objects.

4. Hazards Occur with the Ladders

Usage of poor quality ladders, can cause huge hazards or other accidents at the construction sites. It has been observed that there are huge number of workers who have been through with such accidents every year, and sometimes these accidents can lead to serious injuries.

Protection Tips

  1. Avoid using the broken ladder or staircases to avoid the risks
  2. Make sure that you check the ladder properly which includes:
    1. Any sort of structural defect, missing steps or damage from any of the side
    2. Make sure that no greasy or slippery material is applied on the steps or on the side rails
  3. If the ladder is defective, then tag it as “Do Not Use”, to avoid any possible hazard for other workers.
  4. Don’t overload the ladder– check the weight capacity marked by the manufacturer. Allow only that much weight which is specified by the manufacturer.

5. Forklifts and other Powerful Hardware

Construction equipment are upgrading with constant change in the automobile technology. No matter how smart or powerful these tools get, human involvement is always required to operate these smart equipment.

Most of the accidents occur while using the forklifts, and it is, one of the most common but dangerous hazards that take place at construction sites.

Protection Tips

  1. Make sure that all the workers, who are working with forklifts, are trained so that they can drive and operate them properly.
  2. Also, all the forklifts should be maintained with all the adhesion
  3. Do not try to become the master of the equipment by changing its capacity and safety equipment, until or unless you have an expert approval with you from the manufacturer
  4. Examine all the equipment every time before you use

These are some of the hazards usually present on a construction site. It is important that all the employees/workers follow all these safety tips, practice proper usage of tools  and apply training to reduce risk and to protect themselves from the unwanted injuries, dangerous occurrences and fatalities on the construction site.

Authors Bio:

Stanley Stem is a Content Writer of Bastion Safety Solutions. He specializes in sharing his views about workplace safety. He is keen to create awareness in employees/workers on how they can keep themselves safe and secure while working either at any construction site or in any organization. He loves to research and provide the useful information to his readers.


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