What is your biggest health challenge?

I workout 3 to 4 times a week. This week however, I lost some of my motivation and only worked out twice. During term time, I workout in the evenings but right now, the school is on vacation so I get up 6:30am and head to the park. Sadly, on Friday the 19th (of August), I just couldn’t get up from my sweet bed and head to the park. At the time it was a massive challenge as my brain kept telling me “you are ok, you don’t need that much exercise”. A few hours later, I felt super guilty and thought would it really have killed me to just get up and workout?

So I asked this question “What is your biggest health challenge?” at my Disqus Channel and got a lot of response but here are 7 of the responses I got!

Response 1: Smoking

One of my members said:

    My biggest challenge when it comes to improving my health is I need to quit smoking!! It’s 3:55am. Right now I feel like going outside to have one 🙁
    Someone commented: I think smoking is masking some issue. Maybe you need to relax your mind and you’ll naturally feel chilled. Do you’ve a stressful job?
    The smoker replied: Well I strangely started smoking again for medicinal purposes after not smoking for a year. I started smoking since I read how smoking makes medications less effective / weaker. When I started smoking again I wanted to quit the current meds I was taking alprazolam (xanax). It’s been a long time like over 1.5 years since I quit those pills. I don’t work I have some health problems (occasional seizures) yes I think I do need to relax my mind. I seem nervous when I drive since I seem to smoke more then 🙁 . I used to love to drive. I drink this tea in the evenings – it helps me relax – chamomile.

I think this a huge issue for many. I actually got a couple of comments on smoking. I have never smoked but have friends who have. Some of them just decided to stop and they stopped! Yep that easily. One got tired of smoking and another’s wife had a baby so he wanted to never smell of cigarettes whenever he held his baby so he stopped and wow he looked fresh and added a bit of weight afterwards!

I know a few others who stop and then go back to smoking when then go through pressures of life.

And there are others who can’t just even try to stop. That’s life. 

Response 2: Mental Health of a loved one

Well… not my health issue. It’s my mom’s. She has Dementia (advanced stage) and it’s my challenge to keep her safe and healthy as it’s just me and her. Treatment is going on – sometimes she even can’t recognize me and it hurts….

Yes this must really hurt so bad. I at one time in my life worked with the elderly with Dementia and it wasn’t funny when they cried for their parents “who abandoned them at the home” or got ready for work even though they were decades past retirement age. It is definitely a huge challenge being the lone carer of a loved one with Dementia or any debilitating mental health issue.

Response 3: Respiratory illnesses

My biggest challenge is managing my asthma, allergies, fibromyalgia during the pollen seasons in Central Florida. Right now I’m going thru Ragweed, Grasses pollen season that lasts until October. Florida has a long, long summer season. I might see cooler temperatures happening in late-Sept to mid-Oct. Staying in the A/C helps as there is a changeable air filter on the A/C system. Also I have Hepa air filters running. I use 2 inhalers, nasal spray, Rxs, Allergra for allergies. Doing the best I’m able until the cool down in the Autumn.

I suffer from cold allergies alot so I kind of have an idea about the frustrations associated with respiratory illnesses and cold allergies! Mine seems to be getting worse and I have to keep taking antihistamines at the slight sign of the discomfort! Why isn’t there a permanent cure?!

Response 4: Preventing sport injuries

As an amateur tennis player that plays tennis almost every day, I have to be careful making sure that my shoulder and legs don’t get tight and cause problems. I use a combination of stretching/yoga to release any tightness, and foam roller/massage ball to release any trigger points.

Yes this is a problem for everyone who works out. Bad posture while working out can cause injuries. Being a gymnast means you should be ready to have some broken bones. I try to be careful not to do weird exercises when I’m working out. My instructor likes to give this weird massage where he presses your spinal cord and you hear a crack (he insists it’s your back, I insist it’s spinal cord)so I never let him touch me! I can do without the massage. Don’t want anyone making mistakes that will cripple me.

Response 5: Craves intimacy

Regarding my health, I feel I’m not able to enjoy every moment completely. I just need to calm my mind and relax. I sometimes crave for physical intimacy. I want to be caressed like a wee baby. I want to join a yoga meditation class but time and distance put constraints. I wanna purchase a vehicle but have to get some savings.

Ok. I think this is more to do with psychological wellbeing – wanting to be cuddled and caressed. I think you probably miss this when you are very single or in a long distance relationship or have no close friends or family members around!

Also I can understand the need to have your exercise classes or gym near to your home or workplace. It just makes it easier for you to turn up! It never really works out well if the gym is miles away and needs you to get their via a vehicle! Hell no!

Response 6: Maintaining healthy habits

Nowadays, the biggest challenge for us is to maintain healthy habits – live according to them.

Yes staying fit is a challenge for many and for others, it is simple as ABC. I need to motivate myself from time to time but my man works out easily everyday to maintain his buffness. Plus he eats alot and it never shows. I guess he is one of the lucky few. Some don’t eat enough and have lots of fat to deal with.

Eating well and exercising regularly are some of the ways one can maintain their health. Motivation and the images of 600lbs humans is what you need to maintain those healthy habits. 

Response 7: Not fazed!

Honestly I don’t face any challenge regarding my health and wellbeing. I am very much happy with my life. I am a foodie and love to try new dishes everyday. All things changed when I accepted something in my life and in my diet. No Complaints!! No Demands!! 🙂

Yes and there are the lucky few who never have any health worries. Don’t you just wish?! 

Part 2 of this series will look at what your biggest safety challenge is with emphasis on the workplace! So watch out for it!